Monday, 15 September 2014

And The Beat Goes On

I have no clue how but these words just popped into my head when thinking of a title and now I have the tune stuck in my head. Off to do a search and found NOT the one in my head ... another search and here it is by Sonny and Cher.

Just a little bit of blanket applique happening here on a secret project and I did manage to prepare the lettering for LMF.

One more week of travelling to and fro and then a two week change of pace ... I'm really hoping to be able to get back into the swing of sewing and also have some major gardening planned.

As for my title, I was thinking that even though I've been feeling 'stuck in a rut' ... the days keep rolling over ... the rain clouds promise and then disappoint ... the roos come in for an evening drink ... (the white rail at the bottom of pic is the top rail of our house fence)

and Millie trots around like she owns the place.  "Will I or won't I go give the working dogs a helping paw?"

"Nah!  Mum needs help with the stitching I'm sure"

And the beat goes on     >^..^<


  1. I wish I could bottle our rain and send it to you, we have plenty! That does not help you does it? Are the Kangaroo's close to your house?

  2. Hope you get some of the wet stuff. Love your photos and Millie is very cute.

  3. hang in there Narelle.....hope you get some rain soon..........

  4. hope you manage to get out of that rut in the next few weeks. The holidays should help a bit?
    that miss millie is one clever dog. Why bark when you have a dog?
    someone needs to supervise the couch in case the cats try to steal it.

  5. Hey Narelle. Your project is looking great and Millie was obviously very helpful (smile). I hope you get your sewing groove back soon and a bit of time to enjoy it. Cheers, Tracy.

  6. Hi Narelle I do hope you get some rain soon,lovely pics Narelle.xx

  7. Very nice on your project. Millie is adorable.

    Tell me, how do you keep from wrinkling your project when appliquing. I seem to always wrinkle my blocks.

    Take Care and May God Bless

  8. yes it does.... hang in there....the beat will change when you are not expecting it...xx

  9. Hello Narelle,

    Millie does look at home. Maybe a bit of reverse psychology could bring the rain, start singing rain rain go away come again another day.
    Hope you get some moisture soon.

    Happy days.

  10. Home it rains soon Narelle. hugs.....

  11. What a FuN post...
    Fingers crossed for some rain...