Friday, 19 September 2014

Buy A Bale

The Buy A Bale group made a hay drop in our area yesterday and we were very grateful to be recipients as we continue to feed our cows and wait for grass growing rains.  To find out more about this group and the fantastic work they are doing to help the farmers, click  on this link.

Our local newspaper has printed a story about our area delivery and how funds were raised at a Masquerade Ball in Gladstone organised by Sarah Baldwin. Check out the full story at this link.

Big thanks to our fellow Aussies for their generous support to this cause.


  1. Hi Narelle boy i hope you get rain soon and this is such a worthy cause.xx

  2. glad you got some help........crossing my fingers we all get good rain......VERY SOON............

  3. So stressful not getting the rain! I was just at my friend's house and she just sold her 47 bales for what it cost to have it cut because it was not the best quality. Wish you were closer as your cows would probably adore it!

  4. this is a great initiative.... thinking of you often ... keep going one day at a time... xx

  5. So good to hear the bales are actually going to someone who needs them...hope you get some rain for the crops.