Monday, 8 September 2014

Sewing? What's That!

Somehow I fell into a 'no-sew-zone' and its proving to be a long climb out. Nothing for it but to dig my toes in and soldier on.

Bit of a late catch-up ... a fortnight ago we had a lovely overnight trip to DD's and Millie came along too. She and Spencer had a ball playing together to the point where he would try and catch his breath while Millie kept bouncing about.

For Father's Day yesterday, we had a lovely visit from DS, DIL and Baby J. Yummy roast lunch to celebrate the day as well as DS's birthday the day before and DIL's birthday in a few days. By the afternoon the showers arrived, sounding so good on the roof ... only 6mm in the gauge this morning but better than missing out all together.

Another week begins.  



  1. glad you had a wonderful weekend Narelle and also glad you got some rain.xx

  2. Good rain and a good week.
    Good luck jumping out of the no sew slump. I hope a lovely new idea bites you soon.

  3. Lovely rain! Sounds like a lovely weekend. I think we all fall into the nonsewing zone sometimes.

  4. the pups look like they are having a lot of fun... lovely rain... nothing here...

  5. hope you escape the no sew zone soon.
    Lots of lovely family time happening and those furries look like they are having a ball. Bet they slept well after their play session.

  6. Glad you have been getting some rain. The pups are so cute. Hugs,xx