Friday, 31 December 2010

A Goal for Christmas 2011

A while back during the hussle and bussle of finishing off things ready for Christmas, I mentioned to Marina and Carol about getting a head start on Christmas 2011. As far back as assignments for school, I was the one staying up late the night before getting them done.

So ... next year ... which is tomorrow for us Aussie girls ... we've decided to complete one Christmas item each month. It can be something for ourselves or something for gift giving. Then on the 25th of each month, we'll post a photo of the finished project.

Would you like to join us ... you are most welcome, just leave a comment on this post. We can all give encouragement to each other and I'll see about adding a list on my sidebar of participants.
My next Brutus is almost finished but not quite ready for a photo shoot so below is a pic of my very first quilt. It was started at a workshop in 1995 and even though it may look finished ... those horizontal lines you can see in 3 blocks are still the basting threads.

My other goal for 2011 is to attack my UFO's.
Happy New Year


  1. You can count me in, Narelle. What a great idea! I had heaps of Christmas sewing to do and didn't do but a couple of things. Meeery Christmas!

  2. Great idea Narelle. I have a pile i prepared this month i planned to work on during January but one a month during the year might be better. Save me getting bored with them. :)

  3. Oh my God, does that whiff of commitment!!
    Now that you have named me I will definitely have to commit lol
    Happy new year!

  4. Narelle, Happy New Year to you ! I like that idea of a project a month , I think you can count me in as well ,hope I can keep up ;-)
    hugs SHeila

  5. I'd love to join in! It was already on my 'goals for 2011' but I might actually get it done if I'm joining others! Great idea.

  6. OMG Narelle, haven't you finished that yet and was it really 1995 that I roped you into all of this.
    Are you still floodbound? How are your supplies holding up? Got to get you out of there for Jan21st.
    Don't know if I'll even start too many UFO's this year.

  7. Hi I found my way here via Marina's blog and I think the 1 Xmas item a month is a great idea. Please count me in, I need all the help that I can get!

  8. Hello,
    Like Elyte, I found the way to your blog via Marina. I think the idea about one Christmas item each month is great, so please count me in. I have a table runner which was to be finished for Christmas 2009 - well may be I can have it on the table next Christmas :-)
    Wish you a healthy and creative 2011!

  9. I think this is a wonderful I'll put the button on my blog and get some projects in mind! Thanks Narelle. :)

  10. Hi Narelle!
    1 Xmas item a month hey? Hmmmm... Can I realistically do this, while managing the PhD blog and getting my 6 PhDs done? I'd like too! Hmmmm...?
    Put me on you sidebar and I'll do my best... Have to remember to post on the 25th of each month... 8-)
    Don't for get to link to the new blog for the 2011 PhD Challenge ok...
    I'll put your button on my sidebar, linked to this post... OK?

  11. I am hoping to do the same thing.........get something finished each month but was going to pop into a secret box so wouldn't be showing it on my blog.......

  12. Hi Narelle, I came via Marina's blog.... I'd love to join in too... maybe, just maybe I might be ready for Christmas this year....
    Happy New Year and best wishes...

  13. Popped across from Chocolate Cat's blog. What a fabulous idea.

    I'll silently cheer you on from the sidelines and in turn you'll inspire me to keep going with my projects which include knitting and scrapbooking for Christmas gifts.

    Good luck to you all. Great idea.

  14. Count me in Narelle...
    Cath Ü

  15. Narelle, I came here through the Chocolate Cat. . . and I would love to take part. My blog is

    Thank you for a wonderful. . .push. . . to get things done for next year.


  16. Hi Narelle,
    I've come from bubz rugz... and would like to join in!

  17. What a great idea,count me in,happy new year.

  18. I too love this idea, and with so much accountablity, I should get them done;-). Sign me up.

    Found you via Myra's blog.


  19. First of all : HAPPY NEW YEAR, dear Narelle !
    Aaaaah, THIS 2011 Xmas project is just what I needed : as many among us, I had so many Xmas ideas and again I started too late :>(
    So, please, count me in ! I'll place the sign on my left sidebar, linking to this clever post of yours.
    Just a question : my Xmas projects are applique and stitchery Xmas quilts. Does that count if I post one block on the 25th, each month ?

    THANKS, dear.
    Heartful thoughts from my little corner,

  20. I'd really like to participate - I have sew many things that I wanted to get done but, ran out of time - This is just the thing for me to keep it going!

  21. A little birdie told me today of this plan!! Didn't need to think long, lots of UFO's here, so count me in please!!! Will place the sign on my left sidebar!! Until the 25th!!!! happy sewing, Daniëlle

  22. Hi Narelle - found this on Chooky's site and would love to join in please!Have 4 things on my list for a start. Thank you for the encouragement to get going! Vicki

  23. What a great idea, Narelle. Count me in ...I love a handmade Christmas.

  24. Hi Narelle; what a good idea; I certainly need something to keep me on track during the year and avoid that last-minute rush of making gifts.

  25. Great idea Narelle! Thank you for coming up with this, please count me in! I am tired of not getting the most out of the month of December because I am frantically trying to finish gifts! I will add your button to my right sidebar and start "finishing"!!
    Thanks again, Brenda

  26. I've just seen this so will join but I can't guarantee I will be able to do 1 item a month but will do my best.

  27. Ooh yes yes, what a great idea... is it too late to join in?
    If I can join you, I'll get done what I can.. a real pleasure to have some gifts to give at the end of the year :-)

  28. Oh yes please - I'd love to join in. I may actually get something done out of my Xmas stuff this year - LOL....

  29. great minds think alike! I have decided to do this too. i just found your blog. for January I made 10 potato bags for christmas bags! Yeah! can't wait to see what everyone is doing....


  30. I would love to join in. I better get cracking!

  31. Hi Narelle just found your blog and this sounds like a wonderful idea - one item a month. It will save the last frantic dash at Christmas. Happy Stitching!

  32. Yes, Yes. This was my resolution, no plan - don't do resolutions anymore - for 2011. Get one done each month. Score so far - not good. Maybe with the incentive of having to post something. Not too late to join??