Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Lost For Words

With the weather so mixed up ... rain, flood, snow and fires ... I'm lost for words.

Nature can be harsh but nature can also be beautiful. This little willy wagtail is just outside my dining room window on the awning bracket. I watched them (mum and dad) busyily building their home ... and then noticed much nesting ...

While they were out and quickly took this photo with the use of a mirror and what did I see?

I'm pleased to report that I have now seen mum or dad feeding tiny little beaks so I shall wait my chance for another photo.

Today while the rain stopped, we took a drive to check the creeks near home and spotted this fellow on the edge of the bush. Isn't his neck just the most beautiful blue.

Today was not only One Flower Wednesday ... but it's the last Wednesday for 2010. As I only managed to attach green hexies to 2 flowers, I'll wait till next week with a photo update.
Stay Safe


  1. We have three baby willy wag tails at our place... I have a cute pic of them on my blog.

    Our water has gone down now... so we can get out again.

    Cath Ü

  2. Have been wondering how you were fairing with the rain...Thought you were getting flooded in...looks like your are Glad.
    happy new year.