Sunday, 19 December 2010

Stormy Afternoon

Thankfully not severe like the storms through the week ... just lots of rumbling and lots and lots of rain. We've had 2 storms since lunch and water is gushing everywhere ... dams overflowing ... creeks breaking their banks ... and me enjoying some sewing.

With the end of December close I grabbed both my blue and tan scrap containers and my "100 Quilt Blocks" book for inspiration to tackle SAHRobin Round 6.

This month Kate's instruction were to add a 9" x 3" and a 4" x 3" piece to the left of our project.
I'm so happy with the way thes two projects have evolved and can't wait for January and the instructions for Round 7.


  1. Wauw Narelle...what beautiful blocks they turned out to both colors...well done!!
    greetings from a very snowy Holland...Francien.

  2. They look lovely! Looks like the extra rain isn't spiting you at

  3. These projects are coming together wonderfully Narelle! 8-)

  4. These are beautiful.....
    Cath Ü