Sunday, 26 December 2010

Stitch or Swim

Water water everywhere ... not just here but everywhere ... and if it's not raining, it's snowing. May you all stay safe.

The creeks and rivers in the area have been up and down for most of December. Sometimes flooding us in for a day or two ... and then we make a quick dash to town for supplies. At the moment we've been flooded in since the 20th ... so what's a crafty person to do? Sew of course.
This is Brutus #9 completed in one day ... now #6 is in my embroidery hoop and waiting in line are numbers 5, 7, 8 and 9b.

Christmas morning I was thrilled to open my goodies from Pat for our 6 Xmas Items Swap. Pat has truely spoilled me with such lovely goodies and I must wonder if she has been reading my mind. Fabric to play with, some yummy chocolates, nice smells, sewing accessories and the ideal item for rainy weather ... a 2 in 1 'Elm Creek Quilts' novel.

My heartfelt thanks to Pat ... and to Maree for organizing this great swap.
I have made many wonderful new friends through blogging and swaps in 2010 and look forward to those continued friendship and making new friends in 2011.
Thankyou Y


  1. Happy New Year Narelle. Hope the flooding doesn't create more drama for you. See it on the news and wonder how all the blogging friends are coping. Glad you get stitching time out of it! Over here in the West we have no rain and definitely no snow. We get gale force hot winds that blow fences and trees down. Let's hope the New Year brings a little moderation to our weather extremes!
    Love your goodies in your swap! Have fun!

  2. Can't believe how much rain you are getting!
    Stay safe and enjoy your sewing time!

  3. I love those Brutus stitcheries! Very cute indeed. Stay safe and I hope this flooding subsides soon.

  4. Glad you are making the most of your 'confinement'. Your swap goodies should help pass the time.
    Hope the wet didn't spoil your Christmas.
    All the best for the New year!!

  5. Brutus is adorable , a very cute stitcherie and you are very quick!Lots of nice goodies in your swap , good for you . Hope your rain stops soon , we had a full week of heavy rain so I sympathize with you .

  6. The stitchery is so cute.
    In Oz it is the water that is causing trouble, here it is the snow that won't go away! Hope you will keep your feet dry and make great progress with your projects.

  7. Lots of great gifts you've been given.
    I read about the rain and flood. Hope your save from the water though.

  8. I hope the rain has subsided at your place and the floodwater is subsiding.