Wednesday, 12 October 2011

First Day Out

Last year and again this year Mr and Mrs Swallow have built their nest on our verandah. Yesterday was the first time out of the nest for these 3 youngsters.

Mum and Dad kept flying around and encouraging them to take flight but they were quite happy to perch close to home. I guess they will soon progress out to the clothsline and return each evening as did the 4 babies last year.

While occasionally checking on the young family, I prepared 3 stitcheries for sewing at night, made some half square triangles and turned them into 7 pinwheels. 2 have been sewn to block 10 of Because I Said So and I'm busy adding some applique before the remaining 5 are sewn on to complete month 6/block 10. I also have month 7/block 11 ready to embroider.

My poor roses were feeling quite neglected and I have pruned them rather late this year. Here's the first Double Delight bud full of promise.


  1. cute little baby birdies and love the colour of your rose Narelle

  2. I love double delight. Used to have it growing years ago but had to leave it behind when moving. :(

  3. Cute little birds on their first day out! The pinwheel blocks are looking great too.

  4. Don't you just love spring?! Love yuor pinwheels too - very pretty.

  5. Hello Narelle,

    Those birds are beautiful,lovely to watch them leave the nest. Double delight is one of the most perfectly formed roses.
    Happy stitching.

  6. What cute birdies!!! And how wonderful for you that their mum & dad nest to close to you!!
    I love your rose ... we don't have any up here, but enjoy seeing them when we go down south to the grandies ... and what beautiful pinwheels!!!

  7. I adore swallows. They are such dainty little birds and the way they flit around is great.
    Lovely fabrics in the pinwheels.

  8. Our willy wag tails are about a day or two from leaving the nest also, mum and dad spend their entire time gathering food.

    Like the materials you have used, looking forward to seeing the end result.

    Maybe its time I made the cushions for my never know, I might actually get around to it!!!!!!