Thursday, 13 October 2011

Goals for October Half-time Update

So far so good ... I've managed to cross a few things off the list of goals for October.
Month 6 of Because I Said So BOM

Month 7 of Because I Said So BOM

Letter 'H' of Home Sweet Home BOM

SSCS gifts made and wrapped

(these will also be for 1 Xmas Item)

Quilting done on UFO Citrus quilt

Quilting done on brother's quilt

Finish half knitted scarf

1" Hexi Flowers for Inchy Swap

GST for the quarter
The GST and SSCS are in progress and I've even prepared Month 7 of my BOM ready for stitching. Maybe having a list of goals is working? How do you keep yourself motivated? 

In my garden today I found ... Double Delight.



  1. You are doing very well and achieving alot - well done!

  2. that's almost half your list crossed off! those pin wheels have come together beautifully!
    gorgeous bloom!

  3. doing well... I'm trying to work out what GST stands for? love your BOM that you are working on... such pretty colours...

  4. doing great Narelle,i was wondering the same thing as Fiona what is GST?

  5. Looking good! Lists are great - at least they keep you focussed on what needs to be done. I don't have any trouble with motivation - just the hours in the day. And kids, of course! Love the flower - absolutely gorgeous.