Tuesday, 25 October 2011

One Xmas Item and Some Buys

Oh dear, I thought I had another day up my sleeve but today is the 25th in Aus. I quickly put the finishing touch on this little hexie ornament and it's all done.

I finally gave in to Mug Rugs and made this little Tis The Season stitchery into one last week.

How did everyone else go this month with an item ready for Christmas?  It's a great feeling to know that my handmade goodies are ready and waiting to go to their new homes or decorate my home this Christmas. This challenge has been made all the more enjoyable for me knowing crafty elves are sewing along together ... thankyou :o)

On Saturday my alarm went off at 3.45am to travel by bus to Brisbane for the Craft and Quilt Exhibition.  We had a great day made all the more special because I got to meet up with Jeanette. After a lovely chat over a coffee, we went our separate ways to browse, buy, and oooh and aaaah over all the gorgeous quilts.

I was very good and only bought a couple of things although there is always that item you didn't buy but wished you had. Guess I'll just have to go back again next year. This glittery ball of red wool with metalic should make me two scarves ... I'm hooked on scarves.

Mum and I had hoped to attend the workshop for this little Japanese purse but it had filled quick smart so the kit came home with me. I bought another clasp incase I make a second and also bought a couple of fat 1/4's.

On the way down we stopped at a park in Gympie for a quick breakfast where this swan family was also enjoying some breakfast.

Arriving home after 10.30pm we had a quick cuppa, a little show and tell and crawled into bed just after midnight. Phew! But well worth it!

There's much to do in the garden ... can you see the busy buzzy bee?

Happy Sewing


  1. Love the Christmas decoration & mug rug!

  2. your hexie ornament is so great... love it... and now you have the mug rug bug.... oooooohhhh....
    I hope to get to the show next year ... long way for you to go but such a fun day... love the little purse kit.. I will get a Christmas post sorted....

  3. I like the little ornament and the little bell in the middle. How big are the hexagons? I suppose you could make it in any size couldn't you?
    Very cute mug rug.
    I am convinced that a day out like yours is food for the soul.
    My very small contribution to Xmas will be up later tonight.

  4. love the hexie ornament, the fabric is gorgeous too. The bell in the middle is great.
    Cute mug rug..
    No Christmas item for me this month. I am almost quilted out-that's all I have been doing.

  5. Love the ornament! The bell is a nice touch. And you will enjoy making the little purse, my sister-in-law made one at the craft show here and she said it's pretty straight-forward. Glad you had a lovely day!

  6. Narelle, your stitchwork is so beautiful, I just love how you incorporate it into quilting! The more mug rugs I see, the more I want to make one. They will have to be on my to do list for next year! I was able to complete 3 gifts this month, but can only show one - I'll show the other two next month ;) You were very good at the exhibition, it sounded like a fun day!

  7. Your ornament is just gorgeous Narelle. Another job well done!
    I managed to squeeze in one item too...albeit one day late! oopppss!

  8. Hello Narelle,

    Oh you are dedicated to get up that early but it seems you had a fantastic day with some wonderful buys.
    Love your Christmas projects you have finished especially the hexie one.
    happy days.

  9. Each time I pop in and see your wonderful Christmas craft/presents it gets me to thinking.....umm I should do something too......

    Each year I make my eldest children a Christmas pudding.....so I'm thinking why not make a nice cloth bag to put it in........... (At this stage it is still a thought LOL)

  10. Hi Narelle... I have finally managed to do my Christmas Items post.... I still love your mug rug...