Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Let's Go Fly a Kite

Today is the third day in a row we've had the most terrible windy weather and I can tell you that I am over it! Good thing I have plenty to keep me indoors :o)

I worked on these guys last night.

My SSCS gift and ornament only require finishing touches before wrapping.

Next on my list is the GST - BAS (Tax)...this type of GST is not much fun but has to be done.  Of course if we were talking Generous Sewing Time I'm sure that is something we would all be more than happy to deal with.

This wind is drying the gardens out terribly but my roses soldier on.  In my garden today ~


  1. your peeks lot interesting Narelle and love your roses,we have strong wind here today as well.

  2. Hello Narelle,

    Hope those winds die down. Love your form of GST.
    Happy stitching.

  3. Love those peaks. The SSCS is next on my list now the quilts are under control. :) Love those gorgeous roses. Hugs,

  4. I think I could handle that gst. Will think of it next time it crops up at work!
    Lovely peeks at your stitchery and swap goodies.
    My word verification is 'arseman' cracked me up! I am sure that wasn't a random arrangement! lol Must apologise for my sense of humour.

  5. Love your roses! Mine are almost done for the season here.