Sunday, 9 October 2011

Why Pins and Whiskers?

Dawn has asked the question ... "What's your name????"  and  "What's the reason behind the name???..."

As an extra delight for sharing the reason behind your blog name, Dawn is generously giving away a Moda charm pack to a lucky blogger.

So ... why Pins and Whiskers?  I'll let these two pictures of my girls explain the Whiskers part.

Oh to be a cat!

As for the pins ... they're something I tend to leave in the pincushion and sew without. However I'm learning that if I take the time to pin first it can save a lot of trouble down the track so my pins and I are becoming better acquainted.

I'm also gathering a number of lovely pincushions so I can sort my pins ... you know ... the white top pins in the red/white pincushion and the yellow top pins in the green pincushion ... how do you store you pins?


  1. they are gorgeous pictures of your Girls! I wish I was a cat too sometimes.
    I think we may need a pin intervention! Sorting pins by colour in different pincushions? I put all my pins in one pincushion. I love all the little coloured heads together. No pin segregation at my place.

  2. I'm so glad that it isn't Pins and Whiskers becaue your cats eat the pins or something crazy like that! I find pinning makes all the difference for seams matching so, although I'm a bit lazy, I make sure I pin when I want to be accurate. As for storage, well I use my Chicken pin cushion mostly but when my DGD comes over she makes interesting designs in my other pincushions, using the coloured heads on the pins. I do need to get more pins though. So many of mine are bent!

  3. Oh I adore calico cats. We had one when I was growing up. Yours are beautiful.

    I didn't own a pin cushion until a sweet lady sent me one in a Pay It Forward giveaway. Now it gets used quite a bit when I'm doing embroidery. But at my sewing machine or when pinning patterns, I use a small plastic container that has a magnetic ring around the opening... the pins stick to the magnet and I just pull them or gently shake them out as I need them.

  4. Two curl up kitty cats... too cute! 8-)

    My pins are on 2 pincushions, one beside my machine, and one in my travel bag, and a box of pins in my tools carrier in case I need more... 8-)

    Perhaps I should do "what's your name?" also?!

  5. The cat pictures are so great.. no wonder they feature in your blog name..... I tend to use one main pincushion which has lots of pins but then I also have little ones in different places for when I am doing a project.... a bit scattered... much like me!!

  6. love your name Narelle,cute cats

  7. Loving the piccies of your girls!! We have three kitties here and just Love them ... especially when they get all snuggly and curly-upy!! Your two are gorgeous!!!
    Loved hearing of how you chose your blog name!
    I don't know about having pincushions ... I don't actually use them myself, mostly due to the humidity up here (though that is possibly just an excuse, lol). Instead I have them in little boxes, though I really only use one small box of them at a time, though I ALWAYS use my pins!!! Still looking for a pincushion I Love!

  8. Cute the girls...oh to be a cat!

  9. isn't it fun hearing how everyone got their name!