Sunday 28 October 2007


I've done it again. I was in such a rush to hand over the bag I forgot to take a photo of it. But I was asked if I would make another one by Christmas so I will make sure I get a photo of it if I have to tie the camera around my neck. I like to keep a photographic record of the items I make.

Here's the denim quilt I made for my daughter's single bed that I couldn't upload last week. I used a country striped fabric for the side and bottom borders with demin blocks in each corner. The top has no border. Sorry but I'm not the best photographer.

Next on my agenda is a small piece of about 2 feet square that I can sandwich and start practicing some machine quilting on. I feel the need to move on from ditch stitching and straight lines so i'll just start small at first and see if my machine can cope with it as well as myself.

Sunday 21 October 2007

Slow Week

I'm afraid this week has been very unproductive. I seem to have contracted some bug that keeps me in a constant state of feeling off colour and have little energy for anything but the basics.

Then there is the weather. The sky has been overcast and the wind has been blowing for days now but no rain to speak of. I much prefer the lovely sunshine.

I have made time to keep track of my favourite bloggers and oooh and aaah over their beautiful creations. My photo is of a single bed quilt I made for my daughter out of old denim jeans. Some pockets are within the patch of fabric and others have been stitched on later. I didn't put batting in this one as it was already quite heavy and warm. (Sorry, no photo. Blogger says unable to upload. In keeping with my week I guess. Hopefully next time.)

The bag I mentioned in my last blog is still waiting for handles which I purchased this week. Perhaps later today.

Saturday 13 October 2007

Lost Time

Wow, I didn't realize how long it was since my last blog. Time really did fly over the school holidays and I hardly touched the computer, or my sewing. Then this last week we have had storms almost every night so as soon as I'd get home from work it was get the outside jobs done and battern down. We lost power Wednesday night for a while and again on Thursday night but didn't have power back till the next morning. So again I haven't even turned the computer on for fear of blowing it up.

Luckily the storms didn't do damage like they have in other places. Just lots of wind blowing branches down and some nice rain. Today is lovely and sunny but blowing a gale. A good day for staying indoors and catching up on my favourite blogs. Then I'm off to the sewing machine to work on another bag. This one is using a specific fabric for Breast Cancer Research and will be a donation to raise funds along with other various bags made by our Patchwork group.

While I'm in bag mode, I've included a couple of photographs of my coffee cup bag. It has a draw-string top to keep my cup safe and six pockets around the outside to keep everything from coffee sachets and tea bags to biscuits for a snack. It lives in my craft basket and is always at the ready. I also made one of these for my good friend, again I forgot to take a photograph. Since blogging, my memory for taking photos is getting better.

I also have some news on my chickens. In a previous blog I had a photo of Anthony and Snow and mentioned that Ella was sitting on eggs. Well, Ella is now the proud mum of two sooty coloured little chickens. I will endeavour to take photographs but at the moment they move like lightening.