Saturday 23 August 2014

There Are Days

There are days when nothing seems to go to plan and you just can't catch a break. A cold windy and damp Friday managed to produce 4mm of rain. Of course it was my wash day and the line on the verandah quickly filled ... I don't use a dryer. Hubby was trying to do cattle work so I had to keep ducking out to help him while wearing the biggest, warmest coat I could find to keep the chill out. Waiting not so patiently for the mailman to see if expected paperwork will arrive ... the first lot is still somewhere in postal limbo.

Thought I'd grab a moment to sew a couple of button holes and buttons on some hand towels for my 1 Xmas Item A Month - August and to link up with Anthea for Christmas Through The Year. Now where have I put that large container full of buttons? I've looked everywhere I can think of but I guess they'll turn up when I'm looking for something completely unrelated. Isn't that always the way? I did grab a few moments to do a little more blanket stitching on the tractor and decided I'd just pick up the crochet rug after dinner and do a bit more to it, but sleep won out in the end.

This morning while the sun peeped out behind the clouds, I put some of yesterdays still damp wash out into the sunshine and did the rest of the washing. Happy I've managed to get it all dry before the sunshine disappeared and another shower came across ... the wind helps! More ducking out to help hubby and then some more blanket stitching to finish the tractor, moon and star. I've also ironed on Mr Farmer ready for stitching.

Hanging out for Spring ... it's just around the corner.     >^..^<

Saturday 16 August 2014


Thursday afternoon brought a shower of this lovely wet stuff and with Friday afternoon and night we have measured 17mm of lovely rain  ..... still showering at the moment.

So my Friday night went like this.

The rain has brought the cold so lap space was at a premium.

But I did manage to almost finish a tractor ... just the tyres to go.

Thanks to Wendy for a lovely night in with everyone. Off to do some more stitching and listen to the most beautiful sound of raindrops on the rooftop.


PS:  Definitely not complaining but the wet weather is playing havoc with my internet speed and blogs just don't want to load so I'll have to leave blog hopping till later. Hope everyone who needs this rain is getting some.

Friday 15 August 2014


Banana Bread in the oven to be followed by a batch of chocolate brownies, ready for some serious sewing time tonight.

If you haven't already, dash over to Wendy's and link up for a great night in.

Sunday 10 August 2014

Up, Down and Round About

Hubby and I enjoyed a lovely visit with DS, DIL and GS last Sunday. He's blossoming after his early arrival and they make such a gorgeous little family.  Lots of cuddle time too!

Monday was Patchwork day for our little group so I finally packed the sewing machine up and took it in with me to continue with the border blocks on the scrappy quilt from the workshop. Usually I do handwork because it's less to pack and unpack.

Yesterday I made the trip into town, picked up Mum and went to view all the stunning quilts at the Bundaberg Quilters Biannual Quilt Exhibition. A lovely morning out ... caught up with some of the other girls from our Patchwork group ... yummy lunch and of course a purchase or two from the great stalls.

Found the perfect fabric for the backing of Little Maccas Farm quilt for bubby and a couple of reels of thread. This little light will clip nicely onto my embroidery hoop and the sweet tins are just because.

During the week I'm driving over rough dirt roads to and from town work or helping hubby on the property. We're back feeding cows again as the little bit of grass quickly disappears. Poor things ... when they hear the tractor at the shed, they start making their way across the paddock and up the lane to meet it. You can hear them calling to each other ... "he's coming, he's coming".  Then this morning I didn't even finish filling the kitchen sink to do the breakfast dishes when the water stopped flowing ... empty rainwater tank! Lucky we have another tank on the car shed with some water but how long will it last?

To top it off I had to walk 2 km home this afternoon ... hubby's vehicle wouldn't start when we were working up the paddock so I needed to take my car back up to jump start it. Just glad we weren't right over in the back corner and kept thinking of the positive side ... all the calories I was burning.

Well it's time for some dinner followed by some more blanket stitching and then time for some zzzzzzzz's ready for whatever the new week will bring.

Keep the needle threaded and keep smiling.     >^..^<

Saturday 2 August 2014

FNWF Report

I stitched my way through 'Lord of the Rings - Return of the King' and all I have to show for it is one windmill.

There was also some channel surfing during the adds, watching some Commonwealth Games, making a cuppa...twice, and Miss Millie needed a run outside for reasons only she knows.

Thanks Cheryll for another lovely Friday night spent with friends.