Thursday 31 July 2008

As July Comes To An End

Yes, July is almost over and I have just a little more hand sewing to complete. Here's a couple of photos of my chenille bag showing each side.

And after much thought I have my list of award recipients down to seven. Not an easy task I can tell you. I could easily keep adding to my list of wonderful, talented bloggers.
The rules for receiving this Award are :
1) Put the Logo on your Blog.
2) Add a Link to the person who awarded you.
3) Nominate 7 other Blogs.
4) Add Links to those Blogs on Yours.
5) Leave a Message for your Nominees on their Blogs.
Andrea ~ Welsh Quilter
Awww!! I would love to add some more.
I've also come across a couple of beaut giveaways, see Lila @ Lila Tueller Designs and May @ Abyquilt.
Right, I'm off to make a cup of milo and finish that stitching.
Quilting Wishes

Wednesday 30 July 2008

Three Down - One To Go

I finished my chenille bag yesterday so that's number three for Peg's challenge. Didn't get a very good photo so i'll try again and post a pic later.

Also finished quilting and got the binding on 'project 1'. Between "McLeods Daughters" tonight and "Ghost Whisperer" tomorrow night I'll have that hand sewn and finished just in time for the end of July.

Thanks to Peg for putting the challenge out there. The bag would have still been on the 'to do' list for sure. Now I feel motivated to get a few more things finished, we'll see.

Quilting Wishes

Sunday 27 July 2008

Look What I Received - Doubley Special

Talk about make my day and bring a tear to my eye. I feel very special to have met these two wonderful ladies online. Even though there is reasonable distance between us, I like to think of them as my neighbours. Helz and Maree both sent me this award and I'll be back later to pass it on.
Quilting Wishes

Saturday 26 July 2008

Another Finish for Peg's Challenge

I'm cutting it fine but July's not over till it's over. My Summer Swap Quilt is finished, in the post, and on it's way to .........

This pic shows the front and backing fabric. I'll post a couple more photos once I know it has reached it's destination. I hope _____ enjoys it as much as I did making it.

Carolyn at Ohio Quilter's Journey asks "What do you do for inspiration??" I'd have to say that Peg's challenge has helped, nothing like a deadline to keep you keen. Pay Carolyn a visit and let her know where your inspriation comes from. She has a great giveaway to go with it.

Each time I've packed up my chenille bag stuff to go sewing, something spoils the plan. This time it was all the rain but I will not complain about rain. We had 100ml (4 inches), more than enough to make our road to town impassible. Slippery mud and flooded creeks. Today is 'project 1' time (in between catching up on all the washing ~ sunshine today) but I've still got a couple more days to make some progress at least on the bag.

Next Friday (fingers crossed) I'm going to visit the Bundaberg Quilters Exhibition. After work first of course, but I'll still get at least 3 hours there. I've been writing up my shopping list and saving pennies, can't wait!

Quilting Wishes

Tuesday 22 July 2008

Bright Spots in an Overcast Day

Where do I start? The house to myself for awhile .... jobs to be done ... sewing to be done .... hmmmmm!

A quick visit to blogland to keep up to date with what everyone is doing. Visit here at Debbie's Quilts and More for a fantastic giveaway.

I also had to take a photo of the one rose in my garden.

And while I was outside my two girls came out to join me. Soon to be curled up inside somewhere for the day. Usually on something they shouldn't be.

Here is the backing I purchased last week for 'project 1'. I'm hoping to get it pin basted today ready for quilting.

The summer swap quilt is almost finished. Just a little more quilting and then the binding. End of July is looming and there's still my chenille bag to do. Nothing like a bit of pressure to get you moving. Atleast the GST and Tax are basically done.

So ... a quick cuppa ... a quick routine job .... and sewing. This Friday is Patchwork day so roll on Friday!!

Quilting Wishes

Thursday 17 July 2008

How Blessed Am I?

Yesterday I came home from work and DD had baked the most beautiful sponge cake, strawberry jam, cream and all. YUM!

Today I come home from work and there's not one but two chocolate cakes, a mud cake and a container of chocolate chip cookies. Good thing I'm getting back into my walking routine.

Butrfly2200 has passed her 100th post and is having a giveaway to celebrate so pop on over and say hi.

Sewing has had to make way for bookwork this week but I'll be back to the sewing on the weekend.

Quilting Wishes

Tuesday 15 July 2008

And The Winner Is ....

Nothing fancy here, just put all your names in a hat and DD drew out the lucky winner ......

Congratulations goes to ..... Helz ..... and thankyou ladies who left their comments.

I look forward to doing this again perhaps for my 100th blog. That could be a little way off yet. Till then I'll keep travelling the world through the land of blogs.

Quilting Wishes

Sunday 13 July 2008

Christmas In July Giveaway

Blue Bird Quilts is having a fantastic giveaway to help celebrate Christmas In July. Jingle your way over with your Christmas memories.

Summer Quilt Arrival

Fantastic Friday strikes again. I made it to patchwork not only with DD joining us but my mum as well. It was great to catch up with the ladies again, and I made good progress with my embroidery, caught up on any news, had a couple of cuppas and then on to Bundaberg to pick up DS for the weekend.

When we arrived home around 6.30pm the mailman had left a parcel in the mailbox. Yippee!!

Raced home, unloaded the car (wasn't too much) and then opened the mail to find this bright and cheery little number .......

I'm still excited and I'm such a lucky duck. Autumn Moon included these other goodies with my quilt as well as a bundle of Moda fabric squares and a couple of postcards. I've already added a couple of projects from the mag to my wish list.

It's a privilege to be part of such a wonderful group of people and I look forward to the next swap and meeting new quilters.

DD has also had her first finish. She hand stitched the binding on her mug mat so that's one down and counting.

Last but not least Peg sent me this in an email. How cool. I have to admit I'm a little worried that the end of July is closing in and it's back to work next week. But today is another cold, overcast day so back to the sewing.Quilting Wishes

Thursday 10 July 2008

Giveaway - One Year Anniversary

Today is the day, one year since I began blogging. It was a very tentative start but now I'm hooked. (DD says that 'hooked' isn't the word for it.) It's great to be able to see all the beautiful works and meet such wonderful people.

Many thanks for the lovely comments and encouraging words, it's like having an extended family. I mentioned to DD about being challenged to finish her WIP's, so we might see about a Christmas deadline. She also has a mug mat that I'm about to put the binding on ready for her to hand stitch the back, so that should be finished before she goes back to Uni.
So on to my giveaway, just a small something in the spirit of milestones reached. Below are 5 of the 8 mug mats I made. Just leave a comment with your choice of which 2 you would like to own. I'll do a random draw next Tuesday at noon.



The remaining 3 will be done up and donated to my school's "Christmas in July" Cent Sale.

Quilting Wishes

Wednesday 9 July 2008

Finally Something Finished

I've done it! I've actually finished something, or somethings. Here's to the first of my challenge items for Peg's finish 5 by the end of July. They're only small but there was four of them.

I'll be posting photos of them tomorrow along with a small giveaway. Yes, I have reached a milestone. It occured to me the other day that I began by blog back in July last year, the 10th to be exact was my first entry.

Tomorrow being the 10th of July, I'm going to give away two of my mug mats to one lucky reader. So I hope you'll come back then to have a look see and maybe add a comment to enter.

DD has been home from Uni on holidays and has been working on a cross stitch. Today she decided to do some more sewing on her patchwork table runner she started, I won't say when.

Good or bad, she takes after me in having a few projects on the go at once. She also has a hand embroidery piece on the go and a scrappy block number that will become a large cushion cover. And a wall hanging waiting to be sandwiched and quilted.

Lucky for hubby and I, she also loves to try out new recipes and has been keeping our sweet teeth satisfied.

My Mum and Dad are visiting for a few days, bad timing with the cold snap upon us. Good for spending the days in the lounge in front of the heater with our crafts. Last time I visited them I took some photos of some of mum's crocheted rugs so when I get them from my phone to the computer, I'll share them too.
Quilting Wishes,

Sunday 6 July 2008

Summer Swap Peak and Flowers

I'm back and faster than ever. Sadly my old computer was just TOO old and there was nothing that could be done for it so I had to juggle the budget and buy a new tower. I'm still using my old monitor, speakers etc.

Here's just a little sneak peak at my summer swap quilt. I'm currently doing some embroidery on it and then it's ready to sandwich and quilt.

I've also completed the top for project 1 and ready to sandwich and quilt. Today I plan to get the binding on the rest of the mug mats ready for some hand sewing at night so everything is coming along for finish 5 by end July. More work on the chenille bag is scheduled for Friday (fingers crossed).

You can tell that I'm one of those who have multiple projects on the go all at once instead of completeing one and then going on.

This photo was taken on my mobile phone. One of my mother's pride and joys, bougainvillea. She has a row of pots with different coloured flowers.

It's another cold and blustery day today with showers, perfect for staying indoors and sewing.

Quilting Wishes

Wednesday 2 July 2008

Birthday Girl

My best friend is having a birthday today and she not long ago started her own blog so pop on over and say g'day.

A purchase or two from the chemist has done wonders for my headcold. My sewing progress is coming along nicely. Project 1 has a lot of points so it's slow and steady and my little summer swap quilt is coming together. I have a sneak peek photo on my camera but my computer is in at the doctors so I'm using DD laptop at the moment. Depends if I can upload photos to it.

The wind is picking up outside so it's looking like a lovely day for staying indoors and sewing. Off I go.

Happy Sewing