Monday 29 December 2008

Quilting Times Ahead

Christmas Day and first on my agenda was my SSCS gift before breakfast. Christmas Wishes and a big thankyou to Cherri, I'm now the proud owner of a LizzyHouse original print. I'll be keeping an eye out for a suitable frame and hanging it in my sewing room to admire. Also a set of Lizzy's Cathedral Cards. To top it off Cherri also included four fat 1/4's of lovely fabric.

A special thankyou to Chookyblue for taking on such a huge task. It was so much fun having a gift under the tree from a new friend.

I was also lucky enough to be gifted a couple of quilting rulers (I've been hinting) and more fat 1/4's from family members.

As promised here is my first finish for Finn's Challenge which is quickly coming to a close. The idea was a wall hanging for me to practice machine quilting, with and without a walking foot, traced and free motion.

As I'm getting more confident at playing around with my blog, I'll be having a face lift for the month of January. I've also decided to tidy my sidebar and start fresh with icons for 2009.

Fingers crossed the building storm clouds will bring some much needed rain this afternoon. So far we've missed out on all the storms going round and the paddocks are desperate for a drink.

Here's to a Happy, Healthy New Year and a wet one for those who need it.

Wednesday 24 December 2008

Merry Christmas to All

Finally managed a finish yesterday, my Rainbow Wall Hanging. First finish for Finn's challenge, hanging on my wall and I'm very happy with it. Will show a pic after Chistmas. I've been trying out my maching quilting on it.

Also helped make plans yesterday for our groups shopping trip in early January. That would be patchwork shops of course, can't wait!

Only one sleep to go.

Wishing everyone a happy and safe Christmas.

Sunday 21 December 2008

Christmas All Wrapped Up

I've done it! This morning I wrapped my last gift and popped it in the mail. Of course now I have that feeling that I've missed something. There's still food to prepare but that's last minute stuff.

So what to do when all the gifts are made?

Break out the UFO's!

For a short moment I thought about making something new, but then I decided that there wasn't much left to do on my Rainbow Wall Hanging.

I have now FINISHED the quilting and unpicked the basting. Just a few (hmmmm?) threads to tie off, and the binding to go. Looking good for Finn's New Years Eve Challenge.

I've been enjoying all the photos of snow on blogs, it helps make our heat bearable.

Wishing everyone a Safe, Healthy and

Merry Christmas

Wednesday 17 December 2008

Monday 15 December 2008

Christmas Ornament

Another green Parcel Notice in my letter box on Friday and a trip to town today to collect . . . what did I find?

This lovely china heart ornament all the way from London. Thankyou Lynne, I'll treasure it! Hope my ornament arrives at it's destination soon.

I only hung it outside for this photo, I'll hang it indoors now on my Christmas Tree. It's about 4 inches high.

Merry Christmas

Sunday 14 December 2008

Good Intentions

Saturday dawned and I had good intentions of getting some sewing done as part of Niki's Last Push Quilt-a-thon. The thing is, DH also had good intentions of getting some paddock work done ... and you know the old saying ... work before pleasure.

I did manage this little fellow while waiting for him to get things ready. It's just a sneak peak of a Christmas Gift I'm working on.

At the end of November I was lucky enough to win this "Old Fashioned Favourites" Pattern from JoyPatch and it arrived in the mail last Wednesday.

These will have to wait till after Christmas but then DD and I will have fun making them all up. She's keen to make the oven mit and declared she needs an apron cause she tends to be a messy cook. Thankyou Joy, we're looking forward to it.

Sadly I didn't achieve much sewing on Saturday, and my attempts at having even one finish for Finn's New Years Eve Challenge are looking grim but there's still time. So I'm going to jump in and join the 'Get It Done Challenge' for 2009. I already have a WIP list on my sidebar along with a list of projects that I have the kits or fabric for so there's plenty to choose from. 2009 will be my year for WIP's, UFO's etc etc. (I hope!)

The heat has been almost unbearable yesterday and today so I'm off to sit in front of the fan and finish a second butterfly. I need to get cracking or Christmas will be here. At least I now have six weeks of not travelling to work so there should be more time for sewing.

Wishing everyone a Special Christmas Time.

Tuesday 9 December 2008

Christmas Mail

I had a parcel notification in my mail box yesterday. Luckily I was going into town this morning so didn't have to wait too long to find out just what? ... or who from? My SSCS all the way from overseas. I have been a good girl and placed it under the Christmas tree ... can't wait!

While in town I picked up the latest Down Under Quilts magazine. The winners for Bernina Blankets of Love are featured in this edition so here is a pic of my little quilt which I called Project X at the time.
I'm proud to say that my BFF has her quilt shown in the mag but I'll leave that up to her to share.

I'm now working on a little something for someone for Christmas and will show a peak next post just to tease that someone.

I have a couple more items to arrive in the mail so will share those when they arrive.

We were very thankful to receive just over an inch of rain on Sunday evening as we had spent the day putting out fires right up until the lightening got too close. Why were we still out there when the storm was so close? Because often the storms pass right round us and we miss the rain.
This weekend I hope to be doing lots of sewing!
Quilting Wishes

Saturday 6 December 2008

November Post Card

My Fabric Postcard for November must have got held up along the way judging by the post date stamp but it arrived yesterday.

How cute are these dancing frogs?
It's just tooooo hot here today to consider doing much at all. Especially after a late night last night at our school concert. I'm thinking today will be a rest day with lots of quilting plans going on in my head.
Cool Quilting Wishes

Wednesday 3 December 2008

It's a Quilt Marathon

Niki is holding a Last Push Quilt-a-thon on Saturday the 13th of December. Here's an opportunity to get some of those last minute or almost finished things completed. For more information click on Niki's graphic on my sidebar.

I'm not looking to good for Finn's New Years Eve Challenge at the moment so this might help me along. Now if I can only arrange to have the day all to myself?

Here's a pic of my last postcard I made for November. The theme was applique.

I'm off to have a coffee so I can make it through the remainder of the day.

Quilting Wishes

PS: I've also taken the plunge and purchased some red fabrics this week (I don't have much of a stash) and am looking forwarding to making a start on 'Red Delicious'. I just can't help myself.

Tuesday 2 December 2008

It's Beginning to Feel Like Christmas

While blog hopping the other night, I found this most generous giveaway being hosted by Daisy Quilts to celebrate her 1st year Anniversary. Head on over and take a peek.

I so adore her little bag/bucket and pincushion and ..... well you'll just have to see for yourself!

Monday 1 December 2008

Welcome to an Aussie Summer!

AND THE WINNER IS ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

OK, so the way I did the draw was to put numbers in a container to coincide with each of your comments.

Then I asked DD to draw a number from the container . . . and the number was . . .

# 2

So CONGRATULATIONS goes to Chook (Beth). I'll be contacting Beth by email.

Thanks to all who left a comment, I've enjoyed visiting your blogs in return and hope you continue to visit mine.

WOW, Summer is here in all it's glory. While some are busy mopping up after the
fierce storms and flooding rains, others are still waiting for the first drop to quench the burning ground. Wouldn't it be wonderful to have giant hoses to deliver the waters from flooded areas out to those who are still bone dry.
We had a lovely surprise visit from my parents on Friday afternoon. Mum brought along her box of goodies she received from Sharon Z all the way from USA for ALQS2. She is so thrilled with her little quilt and now that she's finished showing it off, it will be going up on the wall at her place. So from Margaret to Sharon, a huge THANKYOU!
While they were here we had a scheduled power outage most of Sunday so Dad, DH and DS worked outdoors while us girls did what girls do . . . shifted furniture around. Well only one piece but it was my china cabinet which was of course full of STUFF!
Myself, Mum, DD and DS's GF removed everything, cleaned everything, moved the cupboard and replaced everything. Then it was on to Christmas decorations. I usually wait till December but we were after all only one day early so now on the 1st of December we are ready for Christmas. I still have room for a couple of new decorations though.

Once the power returned, DD decided to make some Gingerbread People to take to work.
Meet Mr and Mrs Gingerbread. She made 8 couples and perhaps one left over, then some stars and Christmas Trees.

Aren't they all just so sweet! . . . and yummy! Well we did get to sample some.
Quilting Wishes