Tuesday 16 April 2024

A Finish or 2 of Sorts

 The Chookshed Challenge was just what I needed ... thank you ladies. I've kept working on a couple and have finishes to share. 

Challenge 2 - 'Crochet Rug' - Finished

Challenge 4 - "Strip Insertion Quilt" - Finished Top

I have to admit to stalling on this month's challenge but I did work out the new crochet pattern I mentioned. 

And then there's Row 2 of my 2024 Temperature Quilt 

Of course the recent school holidays meant Sleepovers with Masters 10 and 4 who love helping with the cattle work. This particular morning tea menu was pikelets and mug cakes. 

So that's a little catch up on April and I still have time to work on the current Challenge #9.

Tuesday 2 April 2024

Chookshed Challenge #9

My #9 project is a crochet rug... lucky the weather is cooler.

The rug I had in mind is actually knitted so I will possibly do a little more on it ... it's done in 2 semicircles and one is finished.

However it so happens I recently came across another crochet rug pattern and am keen to give it a try...once I finish my edge to edge crochet rug which is so close.