Saturday 25 May 2024

A Moment in May

 I'm grabbing this moment in what has been a very busy May, for a quick wrap up. Work called at the start of the month and asked if I could cover for 3 weeks. Then I'm having grandsons next week which means school bus run with one and entertaining the other ... plenty of gardening planned as he loves to be outdoors. 

#5 Challenge piece has progressed. These are the 1st two weeks of Row 4 plus week 3 is also done. Each row consists of 6 weeks.

I also continued on with the #9 knitted rug and just need to join the two halves now and add some tassles.

My DD had the same wool kit and passed it on to me so now I'm crocheting another rug in this zig zag pattern after a lesson from my mother.

This is a project I can work on next week once the grandies are sound asleep ... I don't expect much else will be touched but that's perfectly fine ... love spending time with the grandsons 🥰

Back to the crochet.

Wednesday 1 May 2024

April Wrap - May Challenge

It was a late start to Challenge #9 but the knitting needles have been clicking away and it's coming along fairly quickly.  I'm on the home stretch but with approx. 200 stitches (and still increasing) on the circular needles, it takes me time to get a row done ... I'm not the world's fasted knitter.

Another finished quilt top has been added to the pile.  Just a lot of scraps and an idea of how to put them together ... very happy with how it all worked out.

Now with a promise to complete #9 in May ... the number for Chookshed Challenge May is .......... #5 - Temperature Quilt.

I've just finished Row 3 for 2024 which took us up to April 27. 

I do also have my 2023 Temp Quilt which just needs borders ... so ... Challenge Accepted.

Off to make some lunch ... have a beautiful Wednesday