Saturday 21 September 2019

FNSI Result

Sequence and bead play ... Santa's now have there hats adorned ... thanks Wendy and friends.

Friday 20 September 2019

September Stitchings and FNSI

Once again goals have been met and this month a little early ... not sure how I managed that but I've been pushing through each evening. Days are filled with off-farm work or the never ending farm work made ever more urgent thanks to Mother Nature and her drought, dust and dry winds.

To change things up a little, I've decided to work a little on each of the 3 remaining Santa Cutlery Keeps, each month. For September my merry band of 3 have had their fronts stitched together.

'Romancing the Road Trip' is coming along nicely with 4 postcards for this month stitched and the blocks sewn.  Only 4 postcards to go for October and I will have a finished top ... woohoo!

Some clothing sewing happened ... another maternity top for DD. Visiting with them next week (school holidays) to help get the house organised as bub's arrival date nears.

Looking back I don't think I shared a sewing machine cover I whipped up in the June/July school holidays.

Still haven't even made a start on baby quilts but I have almost sorted the fabrics required ... anyhow must dash ... lots on today's "to do" list.  Oh just realised, tonight is FNSI ... so in the middle of typing, I've jumped over to HERE and signed up.