Saturday 30 April 2016

OPAM Finish

I do have a small finish to share for April's OPAM ... a knitted jar cover using up some leftover wool.

Still recovering a fortnight later after the yukky throat etc hit ... Dr said "rest" so I've been sitting crocheting :o)

Sunday 17 April 2016

Just a Little Brag Post

Yesterday was our local show and while I spend the day helping out in the office, it's always nice to have a couple of entries in the pavilion ... the more the merrier and we always have an excellent display of flowers, cooking, craft and much more for our little show.

I was lucky enough to catch the judges eye with these two entries.

Needlework Section

Photography Section

I'm afraid there hasn't been a lot of time for anything else much ... I did start another new project, crochet this time (just can't stay focused for long) ... and have been adding a couple of rows each night. It was a kit using 3 strands of no. 8 wool and a 15 mm hook.

The cool change in the weather has been nice but I'm not liking the yukky throat, tickly cough and hot eyes this morning ... I'm off to crochet some more ... the rug is big enough now to keep my knees warm while I work.

Happy Sunday

Saturday 2 April 2016

FNWF Results

Chris Hemsworth kept me company last night while I knitted and stitched with friends for FNWF. Snow White is a lucky lass indeed ;o)

First I was able to finish knitting this so soft cloth in 'Giggle' ... one for the Christmas Gift Box. Love how the variegate has formed a crisscross pattern.

Next onto this Needle Case stitchery which will also be one for the Gift Box.

While Mum was visiting she trialed a pattern from BH&G for a jar cosy.

Thinking some of these would be nice for little gifts and I have plenty of jars.

Thanks Cheryll for hosting another fab Friday ... looking forward to seeing who else was busy last night.

Happy Weekend

Friday 1 April 2016

Another Week Down and FNWF

Hello April ... do you know it's supposed to be Autumn? Where's the cooler weather!

You'll find me tonight under the fan, watching a little TV,  knitting and perhaps an embroidery stitch or two for a change.  Pop over HERE if you haven't signed up yet for ...

Another busy week with family visiting to help with the muster.  Just love spending time with this little monkey ... who just loves being in the outdoors.

While enjoying some outdoor time with camera in hand I snapped this beauty.

Hoping next week will be a little slower and I will find some time to go blog visiting and just maybe do a little sewing ... who knows?  For now I'm off to reheat leftovers for dinner and settle in for a bit of sewing/knitting With Friends on this Friday Night.