Thursday 30 August 2012

Oh My! Another Month?

With only one day left (tomorrow) for the month of August and a busy schedule for tomorrow, I thought I'd get in now with my checklist.  Even keeping it small, I can't cross everything off ... where does the time go?
One Xmas Item

TTS ~ Pear Tree

Seasons Of ~ July block

Work on a UFO ~ Horse Quilt

Calendar Quilt ~ finish top (Sept)
(no longer a deadline)

Complete workshop top (Nov)
Hot off the press is this 'Seasons Of' block from July.
I do know where some of the time goes ... part way through this post and I get a call to go help out in the paddock.  Now I'm back to finish, only 3 hours later. Now where was I?
This month has included a major effort in the garden, getting ready for the warmer weather.  Lots of thick mulch to help keep some moisture in ...

Just ducking away to check on dinner ... won't be long :)                             Ok ... back again.

Do my roses look happy?  I promised them I would take better care of them this season.  The mesh squares are to keep the chooks from scratching.

Time to head back to the kitchen but I do have some stitching waiting for me this evening.

Happy soon to be Spring.

PS:  I still have some photos to add to the 1 Xmas Item page as soon as I can get a chance.

Saturday 25 August 2012

It's That Time Again

The 25th of the month has rolled around once more ... time for crafty little elves to share their Christmas Item or a sneak peak if it's a secret. Then pop it away in a safe place for it's not long now till the decorating and gift wrapping begins.

I have another washcloth to share this month knitted in a pale blue. A secret project has also been traced ready to begin stitching but that one will only have sneak peaks along the way.

Time to go visiting other elf workshops to see what you've all been busy with.

If at any time I miss adding your pictures to the 1 Xmas Item page ... please send me an email to remind me :)  Sometimes my mind can overflow and needs help gathering thoughts. I hope everyone is feeling more relaxed as the end of the year approaches and your stash of goodies grows.

Merry Sewing

Sunday 19 August 2012

Snippets of Time

Most evenings I manage a little time to sit and stitch or knit in front of the TV before heading for bed ... it helps to unwind. This month's TTS block is finished - 'Partridge in a Pear Tree'.

2 more blocks to go :)  A little knitting is also going on for this months 1 Xmas Item plus I've already traced a stitchery to start on perhaps next months Xmas Item.

I did manage a day at the sewing machine last week while recovering from a nasty tummy bug. All the centre blocks are joined and I have all the pieces for the first border sewn ready to work out placement and attach to the centre.

The bottom left colours are more true. As it's a secret project for DH I can't get it out to sew until the coast is clear so not sure when the next step will happen.

Spring might be just around the corner but Winter is flexing it's muscles today .....  brrrrrr!

Wednesday 8 August 2012

Something In The Air

Another engagement announcement in our family ... DS proposed to his lovely GF on the weekend and she accepted. We're delighted for them and wish them every happiness that life together can bring.
The happy couple :)

Wednesday 1 August 2012

August Goals

Still making small goals while keeping in mind that I have a couple of deadlines to meet for September and November as well.

One Xmas Item
TTS ~ Pear Tree
Seasons Of ~ July block
Work on a UFO ~ Horse Quilt
Calendar Quilt ~ finish top (Sept)
Complete workshop top (Nov)

The days are noticably longer now and Spring is just around the corner. Soon time to give my roses some much needed love and attention.

Double Delight ~ taken April this year.

Happy Sewing