Wednesday 31 October 2012

October's A Wrap

Finish 1 Xmas Item

TTS ~ Christmas Joy

Work on Quilt Gift for 50th

Make bag with 'Stitch A Little Love'

Work on a UFO
Wow, I actually managed to cross off my entire list for October.  My secret is in keeping a short list and it seems to be working for me at the moment.  'Tis The Season' and 'Ribbon Stars' (50th Gift Quilt) are now tops awaiting quilting and would you believe I forgot to take my little bag to patchwork today for 'show and tell'.  Too many things to remember at the moment.
The UFO I worked on was a block for Red Delicious. I enjoyed taking this one out of it's dark box and hope I can squeeze in a little more applique next month. Just the leaves to do and some embelishment on the roses.
I enjoyed a lovely and productive day with our patchwork group. My machine came back from having a service and repair today so I tried it out sewing pot good.
Did you revisit a UFO this month?

Sunday 28 October 2012

FNSI Results

How did you spend your Friday night?  I joined in with Heidi, Bobbi and friends to stitch the night away. This project is slowly growing but I can only show a peek ...

Secret Christmas Sewing  :o)

Thursday 25 October 2012

Where Did Rudolph Put It?
Here it is!  My 1 Xmas Item for the month of October ... the cream washer. I now have a pair and will wrap a lovely scented soap with them.
I've also been working on a bigger project which will hopefully be finished for November although I will only be able to share a sneak peak as it's a gift and I don't want to spoil the surprise. All going well my 'Tis The Season' will be another finish for November.
Have you been busy this month, tinkering away in the workshop with all the other elves? It's getting close now ... but I don't have to tell you that.  Looking for some inspiration? Take a look around the 1 Xmas Item page at all the wonderful gifts and decoartions.
There's still time to make a start before the Christmas Season is upon us. We'd love to see what you make so pop in next month around November 25th to share.
Happy Christmas Crafting

Wednesday 24 October 2012

Sew While the Wind Blows
Wind, wind go away,
Or I'll stay indoors
And sew all day.
Sooo ... that's what I did!  First I finished off some signature blocks and trimmed others. Then 'Tis The Season' become a finished top.  After an unscheduled stop at a fabric shop where I found some fabric for the border, I got busy this morning and it's now ready for quilting.
Next, out from hiding came 'Ribbon Stars' quilt, a surprise for hubby.  The borders of 4" squares were already made and just needed pressing and attaching. With a quick lunch break inbetween, the top was finished and is also now ready for quilting.
I did manage to squeeze in the usual household chores like dishes, washing etc. Of course the washing was dry in no time flat with all that wind so there's even been a little "real" ironing as opposed to pressing seams.
Tomorrow will be the 25th here ... do you have a Christmas Item to share this month?  I'll pop back tomorrow to share mine.

Thursday 11 October 2012

An Actual Quick Finish

Stitchery begun on September 15, 2012 at 'Stitchers Dream Day Out' - Gail Pan Designs

Finishing touches this morning - October 11, 2012
Can you tell I'm just a little excited?  A whole project from start to finish in less than a month ... now for me that IS an achievement.  For the lining I used a white with small pale pink polka dots and added a couple of pockets.

Sunday 7 October 2012

Sunday Sewing

Last Tuesday was our Patchwork day and I was extra pleased with my productivity. First job was to cut out enough 4.5" squares to form the final border of the secret '50th Birthday' quilt. Second was to be undecided as to which fabric to use for the inner border ... after putting the pictures on the computer this morning the decision was final. Amazing how seeing it on the screen can make it all the more clear.

Then out came my October block of TTS - 'Christmas Joy' ... by the end of the day the stitching was finished.

This afternoon I've sweated it out at the sewing machine adding the sashings to the block.

Now what?  Still some quiet time ... did I mention the boys are busy outside and I have some 'me time' :)  Why not lay the blocks out and see what they will look like?  Ok ... so now I might just sew them together.  TTS is readying and waiting for a shopping trip to find the border and backing fabrics.

Happy Sewing

Saturday Stroll

Yesterday I went for a stroll around the garden with camera in hand. Loving spring but the heat is here now so these won't last long.

Some lillies have pushed their way up through the mulch too.

The rose garden is looking a real treat at the's a shame to have to trim those 'too old' blooms but many more buds are ready to shine.

Hope you enjoyed a short stroll around my garden :)

Monday 1 October 2012

Goals for October

Not too much to show for yesterday's grand final craft time.  After deciding to make a headstart on a 1 Xmas Item I knitted some rows only to loose my place and muck up the pattern while trying to keep track of the big game ..... sooooooo ..... I pulled it out.  Then managed to make a 2nd start before half time.

At half time we lit the BBQ and threw some steaks on for dinner and watched the rest of the game while enjoying a yummy burger. So with a small headstart, here are the rest of my goals for this month.
Finish 1 Xmas Item
TTS ~ Christmas Joy
Work on Quilt Gift for 50th
Make bag with 'Stitch A Little Love'
Work on a UFO

This morning I popped outside with the camera to stop and smell the roses.
Double Delight and Just Joey
Happy October