Sunday 29 June 2008

Pass the Paracetamol Please

Well, last Friday came and went and I didn't make it to Patchwork day. Thursday I could feel it coming on and sure enough Friday morning woke up with an A grade head cold. Luckily, my brother phoned to say he would be in town and could bring DS home for the weekend, so I spent Friday with the tissue box.

I did manage to pull out some fabrics for the first of my 5 to be finished by end July. I'll call this "project 1" as it's for a competition and I don't think I can show anything about it till after the judging. Yesterday I was able to get some sewing done and the top is about 2/3 finished.

Today my plan is to finish piecing the top for "project 1" and make a good start on my Four Seasons Summer quilt.

If you're like me and could use a pretty tidy bin, Sarah's Crafty Nook is giving one away to celebrate her 100th post.

Back to the sewing machine.

Wednesday 18 June 2008

Ready for a Challenge

I'm being brave and have joined in a challenge that Peg is having over at Happy In Quilting. Not off to a great start with things looking like no sewing till our patchwork day on Friday 27 June but after that is school holidays. So two weeks of no going to work means mega sewing time, fingers crossed.

Saturday 14 June 2008

Indoor Weather

Today's weather is as predicted by the weather guys. Freezing cold blustery winds, perfect for staying indoors all day. So it's full steam ahead with the housework with intermittent bursts of sewing to break the drudge.

Here's the fabric for my chenille bag I started at patchwork last Friday. All sewn and I just began to slice with my chenille cutter.
The two red fabrics I bought on Tuesday . . . . . just because. The black is for my single bed horse quilt but also works with the reds.

And here is my fabric ready to become a Summer Quilt for the Four Seasons Quilt Swap. I have a design in my head and sizings written down on a piece of paper so let the fun begin.

Lastly, this was my 45km (28 mile) drive to work on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday with the thickest fog on Friday.

Monday 9 June 2008

Change of Plans

Last night we had a change of plans for today which has left me with a couple of hours spare this morning. So I grabbed my camera and went for a quick stroll.

This mandarine tree is my view from the kitchen sink and I wanted to share it. They're nice and sweet too.
I'm so pleased with my Zygo Cacti and intend to acquire a few more. Thanks to Helz I now know what they are called. I have two plants this colour, a pink with 3 flowers and a red with it's first flower. Nothing like these though, visit here for a vibrant display of colour.
Ever robust and ever flowering, i snapped these little Billy Goats, still wet with the dew.

This is DD's air plant. She was disappointed last year when it never flowered, but it's making up for it this year with three. Stay tuned.

Now I'm off to cook up a batch of Anzac Biscuits for lunches this week.

And thanks girls for your comments, it's always lovely to here from you.

Saturday 7 June 2008

Where Does The Time Go? and Thankyou

Firstly I want to say a very big THANKYOU to all the lovely people out there in blogland. You don't know it but you have been keeping me sane these last couple of weeks. Life just seems to keep finding more and more things for me to do but there is never any extra time handed out.

I did manage to get to our groups patchwork day around lunch time yesterday. They had a special day where some stayed on till 6pm so that ladies who usually work could pop in later. It was wonderful and I even managed to get some sewing done. Photos another day as I haven't even had time today to unpack my sewing things. I started on a Chenille Bag that I purchased as a kit from Dew Drop Inn, Hervey Bay. (Guess I need to add that to the WIP list).

So why the thankyou? Each night when I make time to check my emails, I squeeze in a quick visit to bloglines and catch up with a couple of you each time. It helps me wind down, reading what you've been up to and admiring all the beautiful works being shown.

I'm off to town Tuesday for a shopping day and on my list is some fabric. So I'll be able to finish off the mug mats and keep working on the single bed horse quilt among other things.

Must dash, it's early to bed for this worn out old hen.