Sunday 18 February 2024

Number #2 for Challenge

 Wow!  No thanks to the 'flu bug' that took it's toll on both hubby and I. He started a couple days before me but we've both been down and out for a fortnight. Then it's taken another week to feel like I'm back to normal ...

So what's been happening at my place? Nothing!  I did check at the start of the month which item was my #2 for the Chookshed Challenge and finally dug it out this morning.

I'm taking it with me to Patchwork Day tomorrow to work on ... I'll pop back with a progress pic.

It's a little hard to see but 2 of the colours I'm using are a cream and a very pale pink.

I have also had to change my #7 from Calendar Quilt to Scrappy Quilt after I finished the calendar quilt to a top ... but I have no shortage of projects to choose from.

Now for some Blog hopping ... Enjoy your Sunday