Tuesday 26 February 2008

Fabric Found

Just a quick blog before 'Home and Away' and 'It Takes Two'.
Today I managed to find and purchase enough horse shoe fabric to add the next border to my horse quilt. I was beginning to think I wouldn't find it as it was a while ago that I first purchased some. I only decided at a later date that a border of the fabric was needed.

I always seem to buy some fabric, start the quilt, see what I think it needs and then build on. One of these days I'll purchase the whole lot of fabric required to finish the whole project.

No quilting yet on the 4 and 9 patch but Friday is getting closer, unless of course I decide to add the border to the horse quilt instead. Nothing like having several projects on the go and working on which ever takes my fancy. (Please excuse the blury pic, I was in a hurry)

Sunday 24 February 2008

Time Flies

First it rains so much that the creeks flood and I can't get to work. Then the last few days have been soooooooo hot. Meanwhile time has flown so fast, I can't believe almost two months of 2008 have gone by.

Hubby and I got home late this afternoon from an 800km round trip in 36 hours, taking daughter back to Uni. She didn't really need us there, being the independant young woman that she is, so I guess it was me who needed to be there. And it was nice to get away even if only for the weekend. Now I have a zillion jobs around the house to do tomorrow so sewing once again gets put on the back burner.

I have managed to baste the 4 and 9 patch floral and will be machine quilting it on Friday when I get to our patchwork day. I keep thinking that I will be able to get into a routine shortly, but now I'm beginning to wonder if my routine is having no routine at all.

Tuesday 12 February 2008

Pictures At Last

OK, so I don't really know what's going on but pretty sure it's something to do with my computer and blocking pop-ups. I've found a way around it for now but am thinking it's time my computer went to the doctor or atleast to someone who knows what they're doing.

So here are those before and after photos of our pruning that I had promised, which seems ages ago.

The way the rain has been falling, it will be no time at all and we'll have to prune again.
I've also been told that you need to have the right environment to have green frogs around. Well we must have the perfect environment because the frogs live like royalty around here.
This fellow has made his home between the sugar bowl and milk jug and hides behind a bottle of omega 3 capsules. At night he comes out and dines on moths and climbs back into his hidy whole by morning. My nephew thinks it's heaven when he comes to visit as he just loves frogs.
Yesterday when I put my rainproof coat on, I discovered a green resident in one of the sleeves. I'm not sure who got the bigger fright but I'll be looking more carefully in the future.

Sunday 10 February 2008

Need Help Adding Images

HELP! I'm hoping there is someone who can help me out with a problem I'm having adding images to my blogs. When I click on the 'Add Image' icon, nothing is happening. I'm afraid I only know enough to get myself into trouble with these things. Obviously I've done something to disable this feature and now I can't find how to undo it. Of course there is always the excuse that my computer did it.

I'm tempted to just start a whole new blog and not mess about with the settings next time but if someone can give me a helping hand, I'd like to sort it out.

On the news front, patchwork has been almost non existant in this household. I did get the border on the 4 and 9 patch and purchased the wadding for it. Now to sandwich, baste and get quilting.

We've had quite an eventful weekend so far. Yesterday it was time to milk the new milking cow. Her calf is now old enough for us to share her with. Her name is Barbie and with a little persuasion, she finally stood in the bale and allowed hubby to milk her. Luckily she has a lovely quiet nature.

On a sad note, we had an accident with a couple of young dogs being out of the kennel at the same time as the chickens were out. Ella the brown silky hen wasn't so lucky so now we are one less hen in the henhouse.

On a happy note, this morning another of our dogs had started to whelp. We are at present on the count of three newborn pups. That's life on a farm.

Monday 4 February 2008

Gardening Time

Over the long weekend I allowed some pruning to be done in the garden. It's amazing just how much things can grow in twelve months, expecially after the lovely wet summer we've been having. Several ute loads later we can once again look over the garden and I've also found a couple of plants that had disappeared into the overgrowth.

I seem to be having a bit of trouble loading photos so the before and after pics will have to wait.

This past weekend I was able to weed the rose bed and tidy a couple of spots that were missed last weekend.

I completely forgot to include my chicken news in previous blogs. My little white hen 'Snow' has been sitting on a couple of eggs. She now has the sweetest little cream coloured chicken under her wings. I don't think the other egg was fertile as she has now cast it out from the nest.

I have had good intentions of getting the border on the 4 and 9 patch quilt today but seem to be dragging my boots. Just haven't had the urge to sew, so I keep doing other jobs and sewing a strip now and then. I will have the top complete before going to bed tonight as I want to get some wadding tomorrow in town and get it sandwiched and basted before next patchwork day.
I have a recipient in mind and will need it finished by mid March so fingers crossed.