Monday 25 March 2013

1 Xmas Item for March

Finally found time to sit down at the keyboard ... just before bedtime.

I decided on a slightly different plan of attack for my Christmas Bunting as all the letters are traced on the one piece of material. If I list it here then I'll have somewhere to come back for a reference when I forget what I'm supposed to be doing :)

February - stitch 'C'
March - stitch 'H' and 'R'
April - stitch 'I' and 'S'
May - now I can cut away C,H,R and make them up.
June - complete making C,H,R
July - stitch 'M' and 'A'
August - cut away and make I,S
Septeber - stitch 'S' and 'T'
October - make up M,A
November - make up S,T
December - assemble bunting

Confused yet?  I am so I've colour co-ordinated to make sure I've covered each letter to stitch and make.  Better show what I've managed for March ... 'H' is complete and 'R' is almost.

I took R with me to work today to do a little stitching at lunch time and .... half way to work realized I'd left my glasses at home.  Arrrrgggghhh!

How did everyelf go with their Christmas sewing? If you would be so kind as to leave a comment when you post your 1 Xmas Item, I'll pop my jingle bells on and come over for a visit.

Have I missed adding your picture to the 1 Xmas Item page one month?  If you can't find your picture by the end of each month, don't be afraid to say "Hey - You missed mine". I won't mind a gentle reminder :)

Happy Christmas Sewing and enjoy viewing all the lovely creations this month.


Sunday 24 March 2013

Can't Keep Up

Since going back to work nearly full time there seems to be not much time left for sewing or blogging....and I'm missing both!

I've made the change to Bloglovin since hearing that Google Reader was on the way out. It was very easy to transfer my list of blogs over and now that I have everyone back in folders according to location, I'm happy. It seems quite easy to use and I like that I can scroll down the new posts and choose to mark it as read or leave it to come back to later. 

Almost time for 1 Xmas Item A Month ... I will be back tomorrow afternoon with the little that I have achieved for this. Maybe I can squeeze in a little more stitching tonight?

This fellow and lots of it's friends were enjoying the lush growth after the rains.

Enjoy your weekend  :)


Sunday 10 March 2013


This morning started out with blue skies and that yellow ball in the sky that I believe is called the sun. On went the washing machine and oh how lovely to peg outside in the sunshine ... but wait a few hours and what do I hear on the roof? ... quickly racing outside to bring the last of the washing in before getting wet again!

A trip to town 45minutes away was a real treat on Thursday ... we and many others had their first day out after flood waters receded enough to cross the bridge. Time to replentish the 'wet weather' grocery stock items along with collect the mail (2 weeks worth) and a few other things we'd been waiting on.

There's been more sewing than usual lately but I'm certainly not complaining about that. Working on a very special quilt for a very special event next month ... the marriage of DS and his beautiful fiancee ... so exciting!

Once I dug 'Catalicious' out of it's hiding place I was keen to get it together so for a change of sewing, strips were cut and sashes added ... throw in some un-sewing because my math just didnt' add up ... finish the sashing and add the final border ...

 2 rows with 2x1" sashing between the blocks and 1 row with 3x1" sashing does not an even lenght make. So I had to remove the centre strip from the middle row. The finished top is a big tick towards my PhD for March but will have to wait before being quilted. For a close up of each stitchery go to the 'Catalicious' page at the top of my blog.

Tomorrow should herald some sort of, dare I say, routine with a return to work. And just maybe that big yellow ball in the sky will make another appearance :)

Enjoy your weekend or what is left of it.


Tuesday 5 March 2013

PhD Check In

Thankyou Cheryll for the reminder :)  I have been doing just a little to a couple of my PhD's. As my attention span is very very short, having multiple projects half done can be a bonus. At the start of the year I numbered 6 projects for a small online group and each month a new number is chosen and we work on the corresponding project. Although I can't see any of them being finished just yet, at least they are having progress made.

This also keeps me on task for Cheryll's PhD Challenge so here is what I've worked on so far.

This quilt I posted about in January when I added the black border.  Finished the month with cutting the blue strips and gold squares. Just need to purchase fabric for the wider border and get sewing.

February was Red Delicious month.  Not much happened but I did get the next 3 part block ready for hand applique.

March is Catalicious month.  All this one needs are the darker strips cut, join it all together with a wider border in the lighter fabric and the top will be finished.  Hmmmm! Doesn't sound like much but .... we'll see :)

I do have a small finish to share ... those petals from FNwF have been stitched together and this would be my favourite flower so far.

And for my own records when next year comes along and I have this year's blog posts printed into a book ...

... today is day 9 of being cut off by flood waters. This crossing was over 3 metres deep yesterday but has dropped to just over 2 metres today. We've had lovely sunshine this morning but the clouds are still about too.


Saturday 2 March 2013

FNwF Results

There was a little of this and a little of that last night.  Started off with some stitching on the letter 'H' for my March christmas item. Then switched over to some hexie happenings and basted 26 hexies ready for the next flower.

I'v just run the vacuum through the house so now I can get back to some guilt free sewing.

Have a lovely weekend :)

Friday 1 March 2013

A Wet FNwF

Just packing my gumboots and raincoat and I'll be over tonight for FNwF ...

See Cheryll to join up and ready ... set ... sew!