Friday 30 November 2012

November Wrap

Time for a look see at how November went.  I started out on a roll but soon came to a halt ... and finished with a trickle of stitching.
1 Xmas Item ~ Secret Sewing - still sewing

Tis The Seasn ~ started handquilting

Ribbon Stars ~ :(  backing too small, need to buy

Finish 3 Pot Holders ~ Yay!  Done!

Work on a UFO  ~  Yipee!  Finished Block
When I pulled out the backing fabric for Ribbon Stars it was only half the size I needed so I've had to add that to the shopping list.
My UFO was the 6th block of Red Delicious and I'm very pleased to say it's finished.

Completed blocks to date.

I've been busy tallying all the months and all the elves and have come up with a few little surprises that shall be revealed tomorrow. Someone managed an item every month and it wasn't me :(
Don't forget you're welcome to a final post on the 15th December with a last minute make or  a photo of something made earlier and is now on display.

Happy Sewing

Thursday 29 November 2012

Just A Little Flat!

Yesterday was a beautiful day spent with friends, fabric and food. Our patchwork group had their final day for 2012 so we celebrated with everyone bringing a plate to share for the most delicious lunch.

Why the title after such a lovely day?  On the way home ....  almost home .... tyre going flat!  Thankfully I was able to still drive the short distance home and park it in disgust. Second flat in a month!

So this morning after sleeping in an hour, I've spent an hour on the phone to SIL and then an hour changing the said flat tyre.

On a happy note I did get my TTS basted yesterday and started on the hand quilting ... YIPEEE.

Just to top things off when I try to upload a photo a window pops up to tell me I'm out of space. Has anyone else had this happen and can anyone advise me on how to go about more space? You could visit Mt. Perry Quilters for some photos of our day.

I did have intentions of loading a quilt onto the frame but now I'm wondering if I should just go sit in front of a fan with some stitching and lots of cool drinks because the weather man said we're getting a heatwave :(

Happy Sewing

Sunday 25 November 2012

I Overslept ... It's the 25th!

Actually I only wish I had overslept.  I've been waking up way too early for a weekend and have had a lot going on this month.  So I'm sad to report that I have no Christmas Item to share  :(

I know ... bad example to set but I just haven't stitched a stitch since the potholders were made.  At the beginning of November I finished off the stitchery for my 1 Item and then ... "the wheels fell off the wagon" as they say.

We celebrated DH's 50th birthday this weekend but his quilt is still a secret ... shhhh!  My plan is to get it on the quilting frame this Thursday.

Enough of my excuses. How have all you other clever elves been going? Busy busy of the sewing kind I hope :)

Time to take a sleigh ride through blogland and check out everyone's lovely goodies.  It's been a lovely time sewing and creating with this happy little group of elves and I thankyou all for joining me in de-stressing Christmas just a little :)

To wrap up the year I was thinking we could make a final '1 Xmas Item A Month' post on the 15th of December. It could be a photo of an extra project you've made ... or a photo of something you made through the year and is now on display for Christmas. Only if you'd like to ... our number 1 rule is 'no stress' and enjoy!

Happy Festive Sewing

Sunday 4 November 2012

3 Out of 3

Yipee!  After a little more stitching on the binding this morning, number 3 is also finished.

Loving these quick little projects ... this one is staying with me  :o)

Time to share some amazing projects my very clever mum has been making recently. I'm sure you all know the story of  'Little Red Riding Hood'.

Red Riding Hood

Turn her upside down ... Grandma

The Big Bad Wolf (reversed)

Then there was poor Cinderella who found her Prince Charming.

Turn her upside down and .... tada!

This little stained glass wall hanging is 14" square.  (Desert Rose)

Happy Sunday Stitching

Saturday 3 November 2012

Friends, Fabric and Friday Night

Last night was our first get together for Friday Night with Friends hosted by Cheryll. Boosted on by the knowledge that like minded friends were sewing away, I threaded my needle and stitched the binding down on the second of my pot holders.

Two down and one to go.  I finished this bright summery one Thursday night and it's already in the mail to a far away destination.

Thankyou Cheryll for FNWF and I'm looking forward to FNSI with Heidi and Bobbi soon   :o)

Thursday 1 November 2012

What could be better than sewing with friends on one Friday night of each month (FNSI)?
Sewing with friends 2 Friday nights each month. This morning while blog hopping I found this post on Cheryll's blog ... sounds like more sewing fun.

November Goals

1 Xmas Item ~ Secret Sewing
Tis The Seasn ~ Quilt
Ribbon Stars ~ Quilt and Bind
Finish 3 Pot Holders
Work on a UFO
This is it! The final countdown to the end of 2012.  I've decided to make this my final list for the year and let December be list free ... whatever happens will happen. Yesterday I cut out and started to sew 3 pot holders so they should be a quick finish. The quilting could be another matter but I'll plug on.