Wednesday 31 October 2018

OPAM October

A final finish for the month of October ... this soft bundle is ready for a baby boy to snuggle into.

Feeling good with four small finishes for the month ... enjoying some simple knitting in the evenings before the weather gets too hot.

Looking back through posts, I noticed that I hadn't shared my first baby boy bundle. These bunny rugs are simple and so cuddly. I can also get a mini snuggy from the cutoff fleece.

Tuesday 23 October 2018

FNSI or a Knit In

Below is my original post from Sunday evening but just before I could publish I lost interent.

This would have to be a record for me ... almost half a wash cloth knitted in an evening.  A few more rows wathcing 'Landline' (Farmers' program on ABC) at lunch and finished it off while watching an Elvis Presley movie 'Girl Happy' this afternoon ...

Storm clouds, loud thunder and crazy lightning are closing in so I'm off before the power goes.

See what other lovely pieces were being created on Friday night by clicking HERE.

So to continue on:  Still no interent ... I'm hot-spotting to my phone on limited data so this will be quick.  The wind was crazy and we also had golf ball size hail ... not much rain but our dams are all full and we just need the grass to get growing now.  I really hope others have received some much needed rain too.

Sad to say, I won't be blog hopping until connection is back to normal ... hoping everyone has a lovely week with lots of time to be creative.

Thursday 18 October 2018

FNSI Sign Up

How has a third Friday for October come around so quickly?  Rush over to Wendy's to join in for a lovely night with like minded friends.  I''ll be working on my crochet rug and maybe start on another wash cloth for my Christmas stash.

We've been fortunate to receive some lovely rain in the past week, luckily without the destructive storms that have caused heartbreak for many.  Still feeding our cows though so that they can stay strong and care for their babies. Millie tries to get the calves to play but usually the mums step in.

Well, my BAS (tax stuff) is done so mopping the floors is next on my agenda, I should stop procrastinating I guess.

Sunday 7 October 2018

Mama Mia ... FNWF

Friday night went something like this ...

Settled down in the lounge, Millie on my lap of course, crochet on the go. Yes, earlier in the week I put my thinking cap on and got back into the hook and pull through.

Enjoying virtual company of friends and tapping my toes to the awesome songs of Mama Mia the movie, when the house was plunged into silence and darkness. Enough of a storm to create a blackout but only a few drops of rain. Nothing to do but feel my way around and into bed. Yesterday I found a moment to finish the row I was on.

Thank you Cheryll for bringing us together on a Friday night.

Here are a couple other finishes I haven't yet shared.  My next wash cloth ...

This quilt top was completed on the 30th Sept, right on time. "Ruth's Quilt"

Back to  the off farm work tomorrow, squeezed in between feeding the cattle and checking waters. An upside of driving round the paddocks so often is seeing all the new babies ... will share a photo or two next time.