Saturday 27 January 2018

UFOs and Finishing Stitches

Grabbing my mojo and running with it ... Joy of Days Filled With Joy hosts a monthly challenge to finish or at least work on your UFOs. Considering my collection of flimsy finishes this month I'm joining in. Visit Joy HERE to find out more.

My UFOs have been mentioned in earlier posts and are also listed on my blog pages above but to put them altogether I have written a list. Of course I'm pretty sure 1 or 2 forgotten projects could be added later.

Hmmmm, is 26 good, bad or middle of the road?  To date I have finished Calendar Bears and Jelly Roll Mystery to flimsy stage. My 3rd flimsy finish is Because I Said So (started early 2011) which I haven't had time to share till now.

Next project is a quilt I started pre 2008 with a cushion panel for the centre,  then worked the design more in 2013.

The inner border was still undecided and now I'm planning on a piano key border but of course I will need to buy fabric for those. This one I'm designing myself as it evolves.

Today for a quick project I found the squares I had cut before Christmas to make a bowl cosy but run out of time.  Ta da ... 2 bowl Cozies.

For something different, a mystery parcel needed collecting from town and I couldn't remember ordering anything.

My blog book had arrived in record time.  This one spans 2016/2017 as my posts had dwindled in number ... It's always wonderful to look back over the year's starts, finishes and memories.

Time to make a cuppa and browse a quilt book I borrowed from the library.

Sunday 21 January 2018

FNSI Wrap Up

Well...master J did have an early night but I still didn't seem to get far...probably that tidying up the house stuff ate up my time. But I did make progress...

I've just grabbed this moment to post while we are outside in the shade.

Gotta go 🏏

Friday 19 January 2018

FNSI Signup

The first FNSI for 2018 ... I don't want to miss it!

Will have to wait until 3 year old grandson goes to bed though ... he will want to help!

Friday 12 January 2018

Flimsy Finish

Sweating it out at the sewing machine ... a flimsy finish ... fits on top of my king bed.

BISS blocks are in one piece, now more cutting and sewing to get the borders on.

After reading friends blogs, I remembered a few more projects tucked away ...

Nature's Journey is a flimsy awaiting quilting.

These 2 stitcheries are waiting to be made up ...

And A Merry Christmas Garden has 2 of 6 blocks finished ... started in 2014

Joy @ Days Filled With Joy has a post about UFOs and Finishing Stitches ... if you would like to know more scoot on over here.

Off to have a cool drink ... it's too hot for sewing

Thursday 11 January 2018

What Have I Started?

Or perhaps the question is more "what path have ChookyFiona and Jeanette set me on?"  These lovely ladies have been blogging about their super progress on UFO's and as I had already been thinking of at least getting my UFO's to the finished flimsy stage, this was the push I needed.

Now I don't have a designated 'sewing space' as such ... it's more like a stash in this spare bedroom and a stash in the other spare bedroom ... and then there's the stash in the front (dumping area for anything that doesn't have a home) room.  So I'm sure there is still more to find but I've already chosen 2 quilts to work on.

The first and least work required was a mystery quilt using 1 plain jelly roll and 1 print jelly roll.  All I need to do is finish the border and have already been playing with this this morning and found fabrics to cut strips from.

It was begun in a workshop and I found progress pics in my WISPs tab up there at the top of my blog ... will have to dig deep to find it's birth year. At what point does a wisp become a ufo?

Second quilt is "Because I Said So" by Therese Hylton .  February 2012 was when I finished the last block and was ready to join all the blocks and add the borders. I have never even had it all laid out to photograph although I do have pics of each block in the BISS BOM tab also at the top of my blog. (Time to clean out the tabs too)

I've been working on this one today and have it in 4 large pieces now. First pic ever ... I still love it so why did I never get back to it?

Other finished quilts waiting to be quilting are shown in ... yes ... another tab up there at the top ... funnily enough named 'Awaiting Quilting'.  If I haven't bored you enough by now then you might like to take a glimpse in the UFO's tab ... too many projects to show pics here ... in fact this exercise of baring all the projects I have hidden away unfinished is quite daunting and a little, even a lot scary.

Who else is game to bare the deepest corner of their unfinished projects?

Sunday 7 January 2018

FNWF Report

Thank you Cheryll for hosting once again in 2018 ... happy to report I was pleased with my efforts and enjoyed a lovely night in.  First off was some tracing to get me back on track with Ruth's Quilt ... stitcheries 10 to 15 for December and January.

November stitcheries 7, 8, 9 were finished off the night before.

While making a quick trip to my Brother's place yesterday, this friendly feathered friend stopped by to share my snack by the roadside. I was sitting in the car with the door open so it used the top of the door for a perch.

Home again and after some more gardening in the late evening, I put the finishes stitches in the January block for AHCC which I had started on Friday night.

With the temperatures rising this morning, this happy chapping was taking advantage of the solar panel for our landline radio telephone.

Now I'm off to see what else others were making on Friday night.

Friday 5 January 2018

FNWF Signup

Yay!  2018 has kicked off and so has Friday Night with Friends ... visit here to sign up for a great night of sewing with like minded friends.

Monday 1 January 2018

Happy Sewing Year

I am starting 2018 the same way I finished 2017 ... happily sewing.  Yesterday when going through my stash for sashings,  I couldn't find a second purple fabric that I was happy with for May and November. Then this morning I remembered I still had some of my dyed fabrics from way back when. The winner was number 60.

Never when I closed the lid on my finished blocks did I ever imagine they would be spending New Years Day 2018 together.

I even have the perfect place for them on our loungeroom wall ... so considering their current size and I quite like them as is, I'm thinking of just quilting and binding without another border?

May 2018 be your year.