Monday 22 September 2014

Around The World Blog Hop

I received a lovely email from Tanya last week, inviting me to take part in Around the World Blog Hop. I must admit that I wasn't sure what it was about as my blog hopping time has been rather limited this year, so after a quick 'look see', I decided it would be nice to do some reflecting on what I think of as my sanity saver.

Thank you Tanya for thinking of me and my Pins and Whiskers. Please take a moment to hop over to and say hello if you haven't already met Tanya.

I guess you could say I have crafting in the veins. You know how it goes ... my mother, her mother and so on have all created with their hands. I have vague memories of making little craft items here and there and loved cross stitching and tapestry. Then when my children were born, I machine sewed PJ's, winter clothes, school uniforms and dance costumes etc. Handcrafting took off for me while attending the local CWA craft mornings ... lots of different handcrafts to try and other young mums to chat with as our children played together.

This is the quilt that started me down the patchwork and quilting path. Way back in May 1995 a friend held a patchwork class in the local CWA rooms and the rest, as they say, is history.

1. What am I working on?

I blame a short attention span for the numerous projects I have on the go at any one time. Some would argue that they should be called UFO's but I prefer to call them WISSP's (works in super slow progress).  Recently I gave myself a challenge to choose 3 main focus projects and keep them progressing along.

 #1 is 'Little Maccas Farm' for our grandson - progress can be checked in the tab at the top of my blog.  #2 is a workshop quilt commenced in July (this year) and is intended for my SIL.  #3 is a crochet rug that might be ready for next winter now.

I blogged about these projects HERE.

As I can't help myself, I have also made a few sets of hand towels ... I have another little fun scrappy quilt along that I want to get started on before I get too far behind ... and some Christmas stitchery patterns in the mail so I can start on some little ornament gifts. If I don't feel like working on a particular project, I always have something else to work on. Clicking on the UFO tab at the top will give you a peak at my other projects biding their time but here are just a couple.

2.  How does your work differ from others of it's genre?

 Hmmmm? How do I answer this one? I don't think I really differ from others. Although if I'm not happy with a process or pattern, I'm not afraid of tweaking or making alterations to fit my vision. Colour choice can be a challenge and I have been known to raise a few eyebrows with my combinations but after all ... beauty is in the eye of the beholder, right?

3.  Why do you write/create?

Simple ... I love it!  I haven't gone down the path of writing because I have way too many projects, patterns, designers on my to do list.  There are two main reasons for beginning a project.

 #1 is for special occasions for family members, friends or swaps.  Sadly my swap participation has slowed to a crawl. As much as I enjoyed creating something to send off to a new home and receive something in return, deadlines became stressful with time constraints and I would never want to let someone down. Family members have accepted that their quilt will be gifted a little late :o)

Wedding Quilt for DS and DIL - 2013

Hubby's 50th Birthday Quilt - 2012

#2  I see a pattern I like and think I must make this one ... another for the to do list. Or an occasional workshop because to me they are as much about the socializing as it is the creating.

4.  How does your writing/creating process work?

In a nut shell ...

I see a pattern I like or I have an occasion which requires a quilt or other item and if I don't have a design in mind then I find a pattern to suit.

If I don't have fabric to make a start then I add that to my shopping list for the next trip into town. Now I'm not one to have everything I need before I make a start so ...

I work merrily away on said project until I discover that I'm short of fabric or cotton or I get the top almost complete and don't have border fabric. Maybe I finish the whole top and then or course I don't have something to back it with. I'm sure some of you know how it goes ... so the project goes on the wait list for a bit till the next trip to town.

Eventually said project is completed and gifted or put into use.  Have I mentioned that I am a master procrastinator and don't do well with deadlines.

At the end of the day it's about the joy of creating and it helps keep my sanity in this crazy world.

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Sunday 21 September 2014

Not One But Two

Yesterday when I headed off to set up my sewing machine I also had to bring old faithful out of retirement. I've been sewing lately on a 'new to me' little machine that my mum found at a garage sale as 'old faithful' was over 20 years old and the motor was on it's last. Remember these?

Not only could I not find the buttons for them ... I could not for the life of me get the buttonhole to work on my little machine ... hence old faithful had to come out yesterday and after 4 buttonholes ...

My third (and second) set of hand towels are complete.  I'm linking up with Anthea for CTTY where I was a lucky winner last month, and they will also appear on the 1 Xmas Item Blog. Great feeling to have a finish and something for the Christmas gift box.

Another lovely night of stitching last night. I managed to finish the blanket stitching around the word 'Little' while listening to some lovely rain on the roof. Measured 1 mm in the gauge this morning but the clouds are still looking promising today.  Time to get back to that sewing machine and perhaps some border preparation for LMF.

Just a quick (funny) clarification. By 'meals on wheels' in yesterdays post, I was meaning that the cows' meals arrive by tractor ... I wouldn't use the word 'meals' about or definitely not in front of the cows :o)

Happy Sunday     >^..^<

Saturday 20 September 2014

FNSI Results

The Friday's whip around so fast I am usually joining up at the last minute to be part of the sewing/creating festivities. Last night was Wendy's turn to host and you can visit all the lovely participants from this sign up.

With home made hamburgers for dinner and a quick clean-up it was time to sit back, relax and enjoy ... with a little treat to keep me sweet.

Still working on LMF ... hoping that I can get it to flimsy stage over the school holidays.

Then out and about this morning with our version of meals on wheels.

Looking back over 2014 there seems to be a lot more 'waiting for rain' and a lot less 'sewing and creativity' in my blogging. So with that thought, I'm off to set up the sewing machine ... dig out a recent project to save it from becoming a UFO ... and put some more sewing content back in here.

Enjoy your weekend     >^..^<

Friday 19 September 2014

Buy A Bale

The Buy A Bale group made a hay drop in our area yesterday and we were very grateful to be recipients as we continue to feed our cows and wait for grass growing rains.  To find out more about this group and the fantastic work they are doing to help the farmers, click  on this link.

Our local newspaper has printed a story about our area delivery and how funds were raised at a Masquerade Ball in Gladstone organised by Sarah Baldwin. Check out the full story at this link.

Big thanks to our fellow Aussies for their generous support to this cause.

Monday 15 September 2014

And The Beat Goes On

I have no clue how but these words just popped into my head when thinking of a title and now I have the tune stuck in my head. Off to do a search and found NOT the one in my head ... another search and here it is by Sonny and Cher.

Just a little bit of blanket applique happening here on a secret project and I did manage to prepare the lettering for LMF.

One more week of travelling to and fro and then a two week change of pace ... I'm really hoping to be able to get back into the swing of sewing and also have some major gardening planned.

As for my title, I was thinking that even though I've been feeling 'stuck in a rut' ... the days keep rolling over ... the rain clouds promise and then disappoint ... the roos come in for an evening drink ... (the white rail at the bottom of pic is the top rail of our house fence)

and Millie trots around like she owns the place.  "Will I or won't I go give the working dogs a helping paw?"

"Nah!  Mum needs help with the stitching I'm sure"

And the beat goes on     >^..^<

Monday 8 September 2014

Sewing? What's That!

Somehow I fell into a 'no-sew-zone' and its proving to be a long climb out. Nothing for it but to dig my toes in and soldier on.

Bit of a late catch-up ... a fortnight ago we had a lovely overnight trip to DD's and Millie came along too. She and Spencer had a ball playing together to the point where he would try and catch his breath while Millie kept bouncing about.

For Father's Day yesterday, we had a lovely visit from DS, DIL and Baby J. Yummy roast lunch to celebrate the day as well as DS's birthday the day before and DIL's birthday in a few days. By the afternoon the showers arrived, sounding so good on the roof ... only 6mm in the gauge this morning but better than missing out all together.

Another week begins.