Sunday 31 May 2020

May I Please ...

May I please have a chance to catch my breath?  A full household and crazy at work and I'm exhausted by evening. It's taken me way too long to finish the binding on Flynn's quilt but last night was it.  Photo shoot this afternoon.

Older brother joined in with his quilt. Not much grass cover ... It's forgotten how to rain.

Block 4 of A Merry Christmas Garden should have been finished too but I've only managed the final prep.

Can I please tick off for OPAM, WOOFA and 1XMAS ... follow the links on sidebars to share the love of creating.

Saturday 2 May 2020

April Catch Up

Ok, so I lost track of April but that's alright...lots of good happened even in this crazy time of social distancing.

FNSI, 1XMAS and WOOFA ... Way back on the night of FNSI I made some good progress on 'A Merry Christmas Garden'.

Mid April our Daughter, Son-in-Law and Grandsons (one 3 year old and one 5 month old) came to live while SIL awaits a knee reconstruction. As my sewing is spread between the 2 spare bedrooms, I've had to pack, store and tidy and have small projects out.

A little crafting and cooking for Anzac Day as we remembered those who served and continue to serve.

I did finish Little Flynn's Farm and was lucky enough that when I took it to a quilter yesterday, the lady had a free spot, loaded it on the frame and I was able to bring it back home yesterday afternoon. Now to get the binding machined on 1 side so I can sit and hand stitch the binding down.

Then on with 'Mother Goose Nursery' for grandson no. 4 between living in a busy household and going to work 3 days a week ... never a dull moment.

Ooops!  I've also forgotten to share pics of March blocks for my Murder Mystery Quilt

and April blocks which was adding onto March blocks.