Monday 28 February 2011

Another Hot One!

The fog had rolled in by about 7am this morning ... this usually means we're in for a hot one ...

Mr and Mrs Whistler Duck brought the family out early this morning to forage through the dewey grass for all sorts of tasty treats.

Taken about an hour later, they'd moved to the front yard for a little shade.

Here are those elusive magpies that wouldn't co-operate for Black and White Friday. It's only 10am and they're already staying in the shade.

Hope your week is sew productive.

Friday 25 February 2011

Colourful Fridays

I had a few ideas for black and white this round.
Do I take a picture of our black horse and a white cow ... don't think the cow will co-operate.
The tyre on the tractor is black with a white rim ... too hot to walk up there.
Then I thought of a zebra but I've only ever seen those on tv or in books.
Magpies! ... Lots around at the moment but everytime I walked out with my camera, they flew away. My memories of magpies are riding my bike with an ice cream bucket for a hat as protection from the swooping mother magpie. Once the babies left the nest, they would happily make friends with you hoping for scraps.
On Monday afternoon the storm clouds gathered ... with the intense heat over the last few days it was inevitable! Mother Nature provided some black and white. (The black shadow top left must be a bug on my lense ... only UFO's here are in my sewing room)

Enjoy your black and white Friday. :o)

One Xmas Item A Month ~ February

Good Morning ... I'm running way behind ... I guess I must have needed it because I slept in over 2 hours this morning.

How did everyone fair this month with their Christmas items? I'll be honest and admit to only making mine yesterday. At first I couldn't decide which project to make ... then time started to slip away from me ... so scissor fobs to the rescue.

I think they'll make great little stocking fillers or small gifts for sewing friends. They're so adorable to make and I have more fabric squares ready to add to my scissor fob stash.

To make up for my indecision ... I've already chosen my March project. A Christmas Bon Bon (or two?) from Hatched and Patched.

I think I may have worked out this Linky business so please add your name below. Let's enjoy visiting each other and sharing our Christmas Items for February. You might also like to use the list in my left sidebar to go bloghopping.

Thursday 24 February 2011

OFW ~ UFO Thursday

Yesterday was patchwork day for me with our little group. So I started on these little 1/2" hexies ... not much progress you say? ... well there was also the 'can't do without' cups of coffee and chatter and checking out what everyone else was making.

Not sure if I really want to go back and find when I started this quilt ... lets just say it's status of UFO is long standing. I was going to unpick the border and find a border print fabric ... now I've decided 1/2" hexie flowers are needed to adorn the green ric rac with some green yo-yo leaves.
Can the decisions one makes regarding UFO quilts be considered as making progress? :o)

May your hexie gardens blossom and your UFOs continue to progress.

Saturday 19 February 2011

Friday Night Sew-in Results

Can only share a peak of my sewing for FNS.

It's the 3rd round of 'Stitching Round the Block' ... this Wednesday is our groups Patchwork Day where we pass the blocks forward without the 'owner' peaking! I need to get stitching!

Thursday 17 February 2011

O.F.W. and Other Sewing

My 1" hexies table top has come to a standstill until I can sorce some more of the green fabric. It only needs 12 more hexies to finish the border on the top left side and then I'm ready to back it and quilt.

My hexagon making won't be at a standstill though ... I've moved onto 1/2" hexies. This little fellow was for my SAHR project ... more will be made to add to a UFO quilt.

Another shabby bag hanging from the poinciana tree ... this one was waiting for buttons to be attached at the base of the handles ... I'd bought some and lost them so now I've bought more and attached them straight away.

Last night I finished off some applique for round 8 of SAHRobin ... notice the little hexie?

This one has two red hearts blanket stitched on.

This sewing caddy with matching scissor fob will be in the post shortly as a New Beginnings kit
once I make up a little drawstring bag to keep the kit all together.

And lastly these two little drawstring bags have already been sent on their way.

Phew! Still have a couple of things to tick on my February 'to-do' list including the third round of Stitching Round the Block ... we swap next Wednesday so I'd better get stitching.
Now if I can just squeeze in some progress on a UFO and make something for Christmas before the 25th!

Friday 11 February 2011


Two weeks have flown by and today is Colourful Friday ... the colours of Valentine's Day.

Each Colourful Friday, I've decided to challenge myself with posting only one photo. A picture taken by me which I think best depicts the chosen colour or colours. Lucky my rose bush could supply the red bud and of course the chocolate block is a little shorter since taking the photo. :P

You'll find links to more Valentine goodness over at Daisy Quilts.


Sign-up is now open for FNS which is happening next Friday the 18th. I popped over here to sign up.
Now to decide what I'll be working on.

Thursday 10 February 2011

UFO Thursday and Mail

Ooooops! :) I mis-titled my post yesterday. It should have said One Flower Wednesday but I must have been thinking about UFO Thursday at the same time.

My lack of organisation means another week has gone by and I haven't made any more progess on the strip insertion UFO. I'll try and do better for next week. Thought I'd share a couple of other projects instead ... the bag is currently unfinished so maybe that counts?

An idea for scissor fobs popped into my head on Monday so I got straight to picking some fabric squares ... cutting ... sewing ... then last night had a chance to stuff and add a button top and bottom.

Today I finished sewing squares together for a shaggy bag ... ready for clipping and washing. Then comes platted handles.

My mail lady handed these over to me yesterday while I was in town. Just because the roads were cut in January and I couldn't go to town ... didn't mean I couldn't do some shopping.

This morning after reading Jessica's 'WIP Wednesday' post, I sat down and wrote out a list. I have a My To Do's Notebook and don't use it very much so now I have written down all my projects, WIP's, UFO's etc I feel a little more organised. Up until now I've just been thinking about all the things half done and getting nowhere.

Wednesday 9 February 2011

UFO Wednesday

Woohoo for Wednesday! Today was our first patchwork day for the year and it was great to meet up with everyone again.

I took along my hexagons looking like this at the start of the day ...

and inbetween chatting, coffee, chatting ... turned them into this.

Plus I made a few more green hexies ready to add. Almost there!