Tuesday 29 September 2009

Small Finishes

They may not be big projects but they are finished projects.

This little pin cushion didn't take long at all ... made from 5" squares.

I made an ebay purchase of these red/white squares and thought I could make a machine cover to go with my red machine mat. A simple, quick method but I'm very happy with it. The cover has ties either end to keep it in place.

After seeing the wonderful matching set of machine accessories over here, I then decided on the pincushion and yet to come will be a little scraps basket. You really must take a look at this lovely blue set.

Back in July I started this pin cushion for Mrs Martin's Cyber Stitching Day. Now that I've signed up for another day in November, I told myself that I must finish this project first. It's a very clever pin cushion on top and a needle folder on the other side. I already have some needles in residence.

Slowly but surely I am still working on Esther's Red Delicious BOM. Here is my block 3 ... I will keep working on this in between all the other projects.

Hopefully another finish for today, my third Stitchers Angel gift, but that one will stay a secret until they all go to their new home in ....?
Have you noticed a new link on my side bar? I'm taking part in Finn's New Years Eve Challange again this year. I aim to complete one large UFO by then and any more will be bonuses.
Happy Sewing

Thursday 24 September 2009

The Sweet Smell of ..... Dust?

Watching the news Wendesday morning was almost like watching a sci-fi movie ... all that red dust. We didn't have the eerie red but the dust made it here too ... (about half way up the Queensland coast).

We were driving home from town and could see it approaching. Just got home in time to grab some clothes off the line and shut all the doors and windows ... but it still got in.

This is the view across to the cattle yards from our verandah ... same time yesterday and today.

Here is the view to the South ... yesterday and again today around the same time.

Who Likes a Sale!

Me of course! If you too like a sale, then head to Fiona's at Mothers Cupboard.

Beautiful fabrics ... great books ...

If those delicious rolls don't tempt you ... then maybe a giveaway will. Take a look for yourself.

Tuesday 15 September 2009

The Secret is OUT!

Yes, the secret is finally out. To hear all ... cyber hop as quick as you can to Jenny of Elefanz for the big reveal.


Sunday 6 September 2009

September Challenge

Are you up for a challenge?
Then click on over to Jenny of ELEFANTZ for more on her September Challenge. She also has a secret ... shhhhhhh!
Enjoy some Aussie Spring.