Friday 26 November 2010

Colourful Friday ~ Silver


I quick stroll around this morning brought these items to my attention ... without going into the cutlery draw or my purse for silver coins. Even worked out how to take a picture of my camera with itself.

How silver is your Friday?
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When Things All Fall Into Place

Ever have one of those times when everything just seems to fall into place? They don't happen often enough but lucily for me it did for me.

The rain stopped and the sun tried to shine ... the road was JUST passable ... and I was able to make it into town to enjoy one of these! (also had to keep the chemist in business - nasty bugs keep hanging on)

So what's great about that you ask? ... I had the absolute pleasure of sharing time with Robyn of Daisy Quilts. Thanks Robyn ... it was wonderful to meet up with you ... I could have kept chatting all day. :o)

Now this week has been rolling along gathering speed. No time for flowers on Wednesday, I've been busy sewing costumes for school concert which is only a week away.

Still stitching at night and Brutus and the Sisters have now joined the other finished blocks (just as soon as I give them a press)

Some other stitching has also been happening. Myself and 3 friends in our local patchwork group are taking part in Helen's 'Stitching Round the Block'. As we only meet once a month, that is when we'll swap our pieces around, so next Wednesday will be our first swap. Here's a sneak peak at my colour choice.

Today is also Silver Friday so I hope to post later on with some silver pictures ... how can I take a picture of my camera ... with my camera?

Tuesday 23 November 2010

Saturday Catch-up

I seem to be making a habit of playing catch-up.

Below are two cross stitches that I did for my son and daughter...not before I had already done 7 for friends and family on the birth of their children. The nice thing though was that my two had a say in the design of their cross stitch. They helped choose which pictures were added to their Birth Record as I planned each design out on graph paper.
I have managed to play with fabric this week ... little yo-yo's for a secret project.

One stitchery completed and my next Brutus stitchery is almost ready to share. Maybe when I can grab another spare minute in the day?
Don't forget to try and find some 'me' time in your week ... I know ... it can seem almost impossible at times. What do you do for 'me' time?

Sunday 21 November 2010

Wednesday and Friday Catch-up

Wednesday seems so long ago ... I've made a start on my filler hexies and have decided to go with green for leaves. Thankyou for all your comments on my colour choice in a previous post ... they were very helpful. I've worked it out that by joining two 'leaves' to each hexie, when I place them down, the gaps are filled.

Around rolled Friday and I was nowhere near my computer to share my photos for Colourful Friday's brown/chocolate or to go visiting other blogs. You'll find more chocolatey goodness over at Guest Host Bev C.

No time for Friday Night SewIn this month either :(

Then along comes Saturday/Sunday ... family ... and non-stop rain ... so I've grabbed a quick moment to keep in touch and then I'm off to bake some scones for morning tea. Stay tuned for Saturday's Cross Stitch photos. While you're waiting pop over to Chookyblue to see who else is cross stitching.

Sunday 14 November 2010

Pincushion Swap and a Special Book

Camera in hand it was off to town on Friday and a visit with mum. She also took part in the Pincushion Swap hosted by Jeannet and here is the lovely pincushion made by Lyda in Holland.
Mum has a picture of the pincushion she made and sent to Lyda on her camera but that will be require a longer visit to be able to share the picture.

Some very special mail arrived about a month ago and I keep meaning to post but haven't got round to it until today.
I finally took the plunge had 1/3 of my blog reproduced in a book at Blog2Print. I had followed the link from Chookyblue quite a while ago but was never game to go through with it. Now I wish I had done it sooner and will be going ahead with the next installment shortly, especially while the dollar is up. (This book titled 'Country Roses' covers my blog before I changed the name to 'Nells Notions')

It's so wonderful to be able to leaf back to when I started blogging and have 'ah-ha' moments. Like a diary with pictures ... full of memories! And yes that is my 'blue moon' rose on the front cover. The back cover has a photo of my feline girls.
The weather is drizzly here today and I have lots of sewing or stitching in mind. Hope you have a creative day too!

Wednesday 10 November 2010

Colourful Friday ~ Lilac

Friday once more!
Actually it's supposed to be Lavender
I have no idea WHY I thought lilac but the photos still work...good thing I had a photo of lavender products (bottom right).

A colour I thought I didn't have much of until I opened my eyes. The jacaranda tree has left a carpet of lilac on the ground now. I almost missed this Spring quilt haning in my lounge ... my first swap quilt received in the Four Seasons Quilt Swap. And of course I must have hexies in nearly every colour. Taking centre place is 'Blue Moon' and top right is a sewing mat I made for a gift.

I'm looking forward to all the lovely lilac to found in blogland today. :o)
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Sunday 7 November 2010

SAHRobin Round 5

Sunday today and I've been on a bit of a go slow ... enjoying the break from the hustle and bustle.

I did bring out the cutting mat, cutter, rulers and two clear shoeboxes of fabric bits and pieces ... put my thinking cap on ... and came up with the next step for the SAHRobin.

Step 5 asked us to add a 4"x6" piece and a 4"x7" piece to the top of our blocks creating a 4"x13" piece addition. It takes me longer to think about what to do and choose the fabrics than it does to sew them up.

The blue one below is a little different. I wanted to use two 4"x4" blocks so the checkers had to be 4"x5".

I'm really enjoying the challenge and love how the two blocks are following their own direction. If you'd like to see more wonderful creations by other quilters, Kate has a blog just for Stay-at-Home Robin.

Saturday 6 November 2010

It's Pincushion Day

It's finally here! International Pincushion Day!

A few months back, Jeannet had the wonderful idea of a pincushion swap and I along with quite a few others (about 150) joined up.

Wednesday my pincushion arrived all the way from Holland, beautifully handmade by Nicole. She has done some very fine cross stitch on linen and attached this to a lovely piece of fabric for the top of the pincushion and added sweet buttons. Thankyou so much Nicole.

Nicole also included a lovely teabag caddy. I look forward to enjoying the tea.

Below is the pincushion I sent over to Nicole ... and yes ... I'm rather hooked on hexigon flowers
at the moment. Which is how I found my way to Jeannet's lovely blog. Thankyou Jeannet for hosting a great swap.

Friday 5 November 2010

In The Pink ~ It's Colourful Friday

It's been a busy busy week but I did manage to find a few pink things around the place.

How pink is your day?
Have a wonderful Friday!
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