Sunday 28 March 2010

Sewing Holiday

If by my title you think that I am going on a sewing holiday, then I apologise for the mixed message.

I'm actually taking a holiday from sewing. Yes ... I've packed my sewing machine away and any bits and bobs that were spread around on the table with it. It started when I was all ready for Friday Night Sew-In and at 6.30pm our power went out along with about 4000 others. Candle light just wasn't enough so it was slap up dinner and off to bed early. A busy weekend followed, then work, then came my sewing day and my interest in sewing was nowhere to be found.

SO .... until my interest (or mojo) returns of it's own accord ... I'm on holiday ... hopefully not for too long but at the moment I'm not missing it.

In having prattled on above, I figure 'it' should return in plenty of time to take part in ALQS4. If you haven't heard about this before and would like to know more about it, then click on this link to read more. Kate is a wonderful hostess.

I have received some parcels in the mail over the past week and shall share their contents when all have arrived.

Saturday 27 March 2010

A Meowww of a Giveaway!

If you are ruled by cats ... or just love them ... then you must check out this giveaway.

Even if you're are dog lover ... you'll love to sew or embroider with these goodies at hand.

Sunday 14 March 2010

Progress, A Finish and Buys

Well I made it out to work last Thursday and then we had a shopping day Friday. Putting my time stuck at home to good use, I managed to complete the blocks for our log cabin quilt and after much changing around, DH and I decided on the final layout.

Now for joining the blocks. Then I need to add a border to the sides and bottom.

My attention span is often quite short so I had a play with a couple of other projects as well. Jenny has a challenge for March to use a charm pack (maximum of 20 squares only) so I grabbed 'Aunt Purdy's Parlor' by Moda and came up with this Shaggy Bag.

Just the one bag with a view of each side.

With the remaining 5" squares I made a small table runner but it's only at the top stage.
I did manage some retail therapy while in town Friday. The red fabric is to back my fishpond quilt and some matching thread. The goldy leaf fabric kept catching my eye so I bought it home too. I'll use some to back the table runner along with the varigated sandtone thread.
The yo-yo maker is to replace the one I bought last year, used once and has never been found since. My guess is the first one will turn up now.

Now that I have a new bulb for my lamp, I can get back into some night time stitching. I've been itching to start on the 'catalicious' stitchery from Red Brolly and I picked up this varigated thread for the job. Would you believe that as I walked past with thread in hand, this fabric jumped right out and offered to sash the stitcheries for me. I couldn't refuse, could I?

The weather is extremely windy today, perfect for staying indoors and stitching or sewing so off I go.
If you haven't heard already, the girls from Among the Gum Trees are giving away 5 fabric kits to make the Baseco bag in aid of Dawn's quest. Take a look at their lovely bags too.

Sunday 7 March 2010

Great Weather For ....

these guys.

Nine little Whistler Ducks sitting high and dry;
Quick take a photo, before they decide to fly!

You may have to click on the photo to see them better.

Saturday 6 March 2010

Flooded In!

We'll be staying at home for a little bit.

This is the road to the west of us to the town where I work. Over 1.5m deep (5 foot).

Here is the road to our east. We travel this way to our main shopping centre for groceries, business etc. The level indicator is well in there somewhere. Luckily we managed to buy groceries the day before this went over.

So for the time being, we'll be staying put. Thankfully we're high and dry and I have plenty of UFO's to keep me busy.

Dawn Hay Tote Bag

Dawn has made this beautiful Tote Bag and would like to sell 1000 patterns to help the Baseco people.
So lets help Dawn sell 1000 patterns and this is what a difference it will make: 10 new homes or medicine for 1000 children. Or Emegency relief kits, or Emergency medical kits... the list goes on.

Would you like to make one?