Tuesday 27 May 2008

Ready For Wrapping

Not only have I finished the towel for my niece but her birthday isn't till Saturday so I'm ahead for once. She took some scraps of this horse fabric home with her last time, so I saved some and have appliqued it to this white towel. Her mum is hoping it will become her new comforter (in time) as the old one is a mere scrap of it's former self.

I've also finished a mug mat for FIL using some gardening fabric from my very first quilt.

This pinky one just needs the binding hand sewn on the back, and of the remaining four, three are quilted and awaiting bindings. Somehow I didn't cut enough batting so the last one is waiting patiently.

Here is my Rainbow Wall Hanging WIP which I managed to do some free motion quilting on at our patchwork group last Friday. I'm very happy with the way this daisy chain has turned out and the flame quilting was done a while back. I've also shadow quilted around the applique. (Click on the photos to see the quilting)

Now I have a dilemma for which I would love to here your opinions. My original plan was to have the chain of orange and plum blocks run horizontal - first picture - hence the flame quilting. But on Friday I accidently held it the other way - second picture - and now I like both.
I'm very new to machine quilting so other ideas on quilting the remaining sections would be very helpful also.
Wow, hope this isn't too long winded and thankyou if you're still here. For a treat, pop over and visit Jo Jo at Home Sweet Home, she's having a giveaway.
Edited 28 May: Sorry, I've fixed up the link to Jo Jo's now.
Happy Quilting

Saturday 24 May 2008

Beautiful Autumn Days

I am doing the washing and a major move on housework, really I am. But it's such a glorious day outside I just had to go for another walk with the camera. One could really get hooked on this.

Also I did make it to our patchwork group yesterday for 3 hours and got some free motion machine quilting done as well as worked on the mug mats. Will share pics of that later.

Happy Snapping

Tuesday 20 May 2008

Photos From My Garden

This afternoon, I did as Chookyblue suggested, and took my camera for a walk around the garden. It was very peaceful just wandering around and here are some pictures I'd like to share.

Happy Quilting

Saturday 17 May 2008

Fabric Buys

I'm feeling a lot calmer today than when I last posted. I made it to the end of the week and finished off with a fabric purchase, that always helps. Mum and I went to the 'Sew What's Crafty Exp' in Bundaberg last night and it was delightful. However I was very restrained keeping in mind all the projects already on the go and only made one purchase.

This pack of 5 fat quarters called to me so with no project in mind I bought them. Simple as that. Now I can enjoy the search for a project that answers the fabrics.

Also here is the fabric that arrived in the mail the other day. All precut and ready to sew. The horseshoe fabric was purchased for another project so I may need to find more now. When does something become a WIP? When you acquire the fabric or when you actually begin cutting/sewing?

I have a couple of things to get done next week. Finish off a mug mat for FIL's birthday and applique some horse fabric to a white towel for my niece's birthday. Her white towel is her comforter and is looking shall we say, worse for wear. She's horse crazy so we're hoping she might just adopt the new towel.
Happy Quilting

Wednesday 14 May 2008

Stuck for a Title

Firstly Happy Belated Mothers' Day to all. The silver envelope, which I opened on Sunday, held the cutest fridge magnets. Pictures of kittens smiling and poking tongues. Also a sock for my mobile. It's such a big phone (suitable for country areas) it was hard to find a large enough sock.

Sorry but I'm all out of titles and no quilting content as such. It's starting off as one of those weeks and it's not slowing down. My schedule has been so busy that even the housework is being neglected. It's one of those weeks where you just have to 'ride it out' and start fresh next week.

I did have a nice surprise in the mail again today. Can you call it a surprise when you buy something online, it gets lost in your memory, and then you remember buying it when it arrives? I'll take pics when I can get home before dusk and go outside in natural lighting. My indoor lights are shocking as previous photos will prove.

On the bright side I just sent an email off to Margaret at Four Seasons Quilt Swap to register for the 'Summer' Swap.

We also have a new addition over in the dog kennels. Our dogs are working dogs to help muster the cattle so from time to time we start training a new puppy to join the ranks. Isn't he handsom.

Times up, lots of jobs to get done before bedtime. Maybe I can squeeze in visiting a couple more blogs first?

Friday 9 May 2008

Fabulous Friday

What started out as a ho hum day because I had to work a full day instead of a half day, turned out to be a great day after all. Today was our groups 'patchwork day' and normally I can get there around lunch for a few hours but not today. However I did manage to catch up with a couple of the girls when I rushed up after work, not to mention have a cuppa and a chat.

Kerry was busy sewing the blocks together for our group quilt which is to be raffled to raise funds for cancer research. Pop over to Mt. Perry Quilters to check it out. Fingers crossed I can get there in a fortnight. Some of my sewing time last weekend was spent making the strip borders for the quilt.

The other sewing time was for mug mats for Mothers Day. Of course I forgot (again) to take a photo of the one for my MIL and she received that Tuesday but here is the one for my mother. The background wall is actually apricot.

I have five other tops made that were to be for a Cent Sale but it was postponed till 'Christmas in July' so that gives me a little breathing space.

Getting back to my fabulous friday, after catching up with the girls, I arrived home to find not 1, not 2, but 3 lovely treats in the mail. 1st is this Spider-Man panel.

My intention is to sandwich and quilt it into a wall hanging for my nephew. He's crazy about Spider-Man and has ordered a Spider-Man cake for his birthday. I like to plan ahead as his birthday isn't till February, and any excuse to purchase fabric, right?

The 2nd was the lates edition of Australian Patchwork and Quilting which I will sit down with a cuppa and browse through tomorrow when I can really relax.
And the 3rd (and most exciting) was the silver envelope from DD, for Mothers Day. I'm being very strong and saving it for Sunday.

Right now DH and DS are watching the Centenary Match between Australia and New Zealand so I've got some quiet time to catch up on all the blog news. I'm not really sure which WIP to bring out next. The benefit of having several I guess is that there will always be one I'm itching to finish. That's my excuse anyway and I'm sticking to it.

Happy Stitching