Friday 31 December 2021

Well...That Says It All!

From August to December 31st .... sh*t happened!

2021 has NOT been kind to far too many ... may 2022 be much kinder, fairer, healthier and with a clearer direction.

Happy New Year to Family and Friends.  Love one another, stay safe and be kind. Remember it's OK to put yourself first.

Sunday 29 August 2021


 This month I made some good progress on the quilt for my daughter.  Long ago she chose the pattern and fabric colours and I'm determined to have at least the top finished this year.  I had to alter the pattern to make it larger for her king bed so this means re-calculating border lengths etc.

Visit HERE with Cheryll to see what the other WOOFA girls have been up to this month.

Sunday 22 August 2021

FNSI With A Saturday Zoom

What started off on Friday night in lovely company, grew and grew yesterday while zooming with more lovely company.

Thank you Wendy for hosting ... only a couple of rows Friday night as I was feeling exhausted after another hectic week at work. We seem to be running from one task to the next these days with little time to catch our breath.

I really needed a rest day Saturday ... no better way than just sitting, chatting and enjoying great company. So as soon as I could I joined in with Chooky and blogging friends in a Zoom. It really is just like being at my local patchwork group of gals ... sharing, inspiring, light banter and good friendship. Big Big Thank You xx

And I made some good progress on my crochet rug.  Using up wool kits from BHG one hook at a time.

Friday 20 August 2021

FNSI Sign Up

Time once more to visit Wendy HERE and sign up for tonight!  My crochet hook is at the ready.

I have neglected to post a pic of the completed first half of my knitted knee rug so .....

And this toothy fellow is my July block for the MMQ ... oh those teeth!

Sunday 8 August 2021


Still knitting ... almost there. I've just about finished the 14th and final colour set of rows. Next is 4 rows to edge the rug ... currently 204 stitches across.

Thank you Cheryll for hosting everyone at your place for an enjoyable evening.

Closing Ceremony and casting off this first half of circular knee rug ... tonight's the night.

Saturday 31 July 2021

WOOFA Progress

Row by row my knitted knee rug grows.

Colour row 12/14 ... 184 stitches

Click on my right side link to view other's progress.


Sunday 18 July 2021

FNSI and Finishes

 This is my little corner of the lounge room at present ... I finished the hand stitching on the last little fabric pouch, then moved onto some knitting. It's a bit hard to photograph on the round needles but it is growing ... this will be one half.

Here is a photoshoot this morning of the 4 pouches in action ... lighting indoors isn't great so I went outdoors in the lovely sunshine as well.

Thank you Wendy for bringing us together. The wind is howling outside so I'm off to the craftavan where it's snug and warm for some EPP.

Friday 16 July 2021


Don't you just LOVE the sound of rain on the roof?  ... it's pitter pattering as I type ... a lovely Friday night for some knit or crochet with friends.

Sunday 4 July 2021

FNWF and A Sewing Weekend

Crochet won the day, or night, and a few more rows added to my rug while keeping my knees warm. It's always nicer knowing that friends are crafting away at the same time ... thank you Cheryll for hosting us.

Saturday dawned cold and wet so I ZOOMED out to my craftavan to catch up with friends from all over for some chatting, sewing and sharing ... thank you ladies.

I managed to complete 7 neck scarves and also a couple more rows to the crochet rug.

Sunday I made up the June block for MMQ and now I'm planning on 4 fabric hold-alls ... one for each gorgeous grandson. 

After some lovely rain it was nice to have the sun out today and get all the washing done, dried, folded and put away. My weekend is a wrap.

Friday 2 July 2021


 I'm looking forward to some knitting or crochet tonight and being in good company with everyone in blogland ...

It's not to late to sign up ... just visit Cheryll.

Wednesday 30 June 2021

June Wrap

End of another month and a financial year...gosh!  A little bit of WOOFA progress and 1XMAS but sadly no OPAM. This is my crochet rug growing nicely.

Looks like we're in for a wet few days so fingers crossed for some serious sewing. Thanks Cheryll.

Saturday 29 May 2021


This month I've been crocheting along, a couple of rows most nights and my rug is slowly growing. I found a plastic tub makes a great storage for the balls of wool and the rugs sits on top.

Then almost a fortnight a go, I finally made a start on my Daughter's wedding quilt. Currently sewing all the pieces into rows. I will have to take an update photo tomorrow.

Thank you Cheryll for keeping us on track xx

Sunday 23 May 2021

FNSI Crochet

After a busy weekend I'm here to report progress on my crochet rug. A few more rows and so it grows ... this is my main focus for evenings in front of the TV.

Previously ... MMQ block is complete and tucked away with the others ... a  fun fishy block.

This next project has been on my to do list for 6 years. The pattern and materials waiting patiently untill now so last Monday I got busy sewing and cutting.

Thank you Wendy for bringing everyone together and I look forward to June FNSI. I'll be blog hopping this week to visit and checkout what others have to share.

Wednesday 19 May 2021


 This Friday night I'm getting together with Wendy and friends for an extra special Friday night. Click on my FNSI button on the right to find out why and sign up.

Sunday 9 May 2021

At Last It Grows and FNWF

 I'm not daring to look back at the year of starting this crochet rug, I'll just concentrate on the finish as I'm really glad I could pick up (and remember how!) where I had left off. Friday night I managed to full rows of colour, each colour is 2 rows. A total of 6.75 rows since picking it up again last Monday.


It's sets of 3 treble crochet with 1 chain between each ... in the 1st row of a colour, the middle one of each set hooks down to the previous row. I was given the  pattern from mum and she called it 'Cat's Tail' ... it may have other names like 'Houndstooth'.

This coming week will reveal the next block of my Murder Mystery Quilt. So far this year I've been completing the blocks before the end of each month ... last year I'd be rushing to get them done as the next one was being released ... so here is April's block (2 blocks of applique).

This quilt will be my 3rd mystery quilt and my favourite.

Thank you Cheryll for another lovely Friday Night.

Friday 7 May 2021

Friday Night with Friends and Wool


Finally a little mojo has returned .... from where I do not know.  So along with Cheryll and friends, I will be joining in tonight with an old UFO and my crochet hook.

See you all soon x

Saturday 3 April 2021

Back From the Carribean

 I wish!  No such luck, just got busy and all that other stuff.  I have finished both the February and March blocks for the mystery quilt ... Love the colours for this year.

Our daughter, son-in-law and grandsons moved to their new home in early March ... happy and sad time for all and the house is so quiet now. I've been finding where I tucked away my craft and sewing things and still looking for some.

Now that Queensland is experiencing mandatory mask wearing, I thought I would stock up on a few masks for hubby and I and a few family members.  After whipping up a couple on Wednesday, I finished off a few more yesterday.

Another little finish was this wash cloth I started back in January ... I know slow and steady can win the race but there must be a limit!

In keeping up with a couple of monthly challenges, I found my Happy Houses blocks which are listed on the left under WOOFA. Also adding to the list will be Strips and Curves which I found last week while looking for elastic, and a project using old denim jeans. The washcloth is good for March -1 Xmas Item A Month and March OPAM. Let's hope my motivation hangs on.


Saturday 6 February 2021

Missing Thread

 With the best intentions to start an embroidery, the thread I had in mind was nowhere to be seen ... so I headed off to the Caribbean instead. 

Happy with my start on the January block for the 2021 Murder Mystery Quilt ... more sewing today and ready to set sail.

Thank you Cheryll and friends for a relaxing evening.

Friday 5 February 2021


 I have just enough time to dig out a variegated Christmas thread and trace off some ornament stitcheries.

Tuesday 26 January 2021

A Perfect Afternoon

This afternoon had everything I needed for a lazy public holiday on this Australia Day. A cuppa, a snack and some lovely friends to zoom with. It is honestly just like sitting around together at a sewing day, stitching and chatting, catching up with good friends and making new friendships. Thank you Chooky for getting us together.

I was able to join in after lunch and managed a couple of small projects.  2 pair of sock protectors for Grandsons J and P, on J's request. 

Hubby had also requested alterations to 2 work shirts ... long sleeves to short sleeves.  Now for next time I need to find myself a Zoom Project that I can pick up where I left off. Also forgot to share a pic of the finished Murder Mystery Quilt top  ... 2020 Egypt.

Have to go ... the kettle has boiled and I need to share the computer.  It's back to work now for the next 10 weeks so I'll be grabbing sewing time where I can in the craftavan. 

Sunday 10 January 2021

FNWF Knitted Up

 Not much to show for my Friday night due to pattern error. I'm in great need of some new knitted washclothes so decided Friday nights will be the perfect time to knit 1 purl 1. Except after several rows I came to the conclusion that a mistake at the start of the pattern was throwing the pattern out ... nothing for it but to pull it all out.

Bring on Saturday night afted a day in town and a new ball of wool ...

My knitting's a bit rusty but it's a start. Thanks Cheryll for kicking the year off with some Friday night fun.

Friday 8 January 2021

Jumping Right In

 FNWF - Tonight!  Cheryll will once again be hosting this lovely Friday Night tradition of sewing, stitching etc alongside friends.

WOOFA - Cheryll is also helping to keep me and others on track with unfinished projects and new this year ... patterns, publications and more yet to be started. Click on the link to read more.

If you can't get enough of Christmas sewing, then jingle over to 1 Xmas Item A Month hosted by myself. Our small group of Elves sew each month to get ready with handmade projects to gift or decorate next Christmas.

Our year has begun with not 1 but 2 special birthday boys - Grandsons P (turned 4) and Grandson M (turned 1). P asked for a birthday at the beach but a hot windy day was not favourable for the ice cream birthday cake...luckily didn't worry the yummy taste.  While little M also received his long awaited quilt. 

As I had started this post this afternoon before the mail arrived, bath times, dinner time and now bed time for little people, I had better dig out what I thought I might be able to work on tonight with Cheryll and friends. 

A lovely evening to you all.

Friday 1 January 2021

Good Morning 2021

 Happy New Year

Looking forward to a year of family, friends and fun with fabric.