Saturday 27 September 2008

Fabric Postcards and 200th Giveaway

I may be getting close to my 100th post but Myra is reaching her 200th and is holding a giveaway to celebrate the occasion. Click on either link and pay her a visit to say hi.

My postcard is on it's way to it's new home. Funny to think we can pop a piece of fabric in the mail and off it goes just like a letter. I wished it well on it's journey. They are to reach their destinations by the end of each month so I should find another in my mail box very soon.

Can you believe, I think I might have RSI in my right shoulder from all that mouse controlling while reading everyone's blogs. It ached like crazy last night. I'm now teaching my left hand to control the mouse, not going too bad either, LOL.

DD will be home shortly for Uni holidays and DS is taking a weeks annual leave to lend a hand on the property so our home will be back to 'the old days' for a week or so. Looking forward to it! She might even get to finish one of her WIP's.

I was wondering when does a WIP become a WIP so I'm adding an extra list to my sidebar of projects I have the fabric and pattern for, "Ready and Waiting" to begin. More for my own memories sake really. If I can see them in print, I might get a wriggle on and finish some more WIP's so I can start some new projects.

I'm still making slow progress on my queen bed quilt for Finn's New Year's Eve Challenge. Another small wall hanging just needs about 2o inches of hand stitching the binding and it's finished.

Hope everyone has a lovely weekend and

Quilting Wishes

Sunday 21 September 2008

Some Finishes and Roses

I've been grabbing a little sewing time here and there and have managed a couple of finishes. Not NYE finishes but I am very slowly progressing on those.

Today I made another postcard for my swap. The theme was 'In the Pink' but no pic yet because it needs a little something to complete it. However it will be posted to arrive before the end of September as per the swap rules.

Last night I finished the hand stitching on the second of my PIF gifts. I'm pleased to say that they will be in Monday's post. Pics when they arrive.

Here's the mug bag and matching mug mat that I made for Veronica as part of Linda's Bag/Bucket Swap. I had a lot of fun taking part and isn't it amazing how many different styles of bags/buckets there are out there. Thanks Linda.

Sadly the quilt-as-you-go log cabin workshop that I was to attend this Thursday, had to be postponed. Talk about disappointment. Guess that means I'll make more progress on some other finishes now instead. I've packed all the fabrics etc for the log cabin in a container ready for a new date.

It's as hot as today, waiting for the storms they keep predicting. I have two weeks holidays ahead of me so hopefully that will include some good sewing time. It also has to include some bookwork and GST that uses up valuable sewing time, hmph! Housework too! I'm sure I can find an even balance between them all.

I'll leave you with some more of my roses. We had a gardening day yesterday, lots of culling and weeding to tidy things up a bit.

Double Delight

Blue Moon

Quilting Wishes

Sunday 14 September 2008

Christmas Giveaway

There are goodies galore in this bountiful giveaway. Jacquelynne at The Noble Wife is having a wonderful giveaway to get us all into the spirit of Christmas. So pay her visit and say hi.

Mail Brings Bag and Stash

What a wonderful day Friday was. I got to stay late at the patchwork group as DS was staying in town and didn't need a lift home. It was lovely to catch up with all the ladies and I made good progress on my PIF gifts.

Then to get home and find a parcel in my mailbox all the way from USA. I think I grinned the whole 2km to the house, quickly unpacked the car and opened my parcel.

Inside I found this wonderful and very clever bag from Nancy at "with thread in hand". It has velcro down each side and opens flat to reveal pockets on the inside. Just right for packing all the bits for a project so I can grab it and go or 'take-away' as Nancy said. The fabric is gorgeous and I just love the bag. Thankyou so much Nancy, I'm packing it with a project straight away.

She also sent some other goodies in her parcel. A sweet little keyring that has like a pillowslip back where I might pop a couple of headache tablets for emergency. A beautiful pattern and two fat quarters that will help my stash. Purple has always been a favourite of mine, how did she know? And a newspaper which is a 'guide to Missouri Specialty Shopping and Events'. It's almost cuppa time so I'll be browsing shortly.
A big thankyou to Linda also for organizing this swap. I've thoroughly enjoyed it, just waiting for my parcel to be in ????????'s safe hands.

Wednesday's mail brought me this package of three pretty blues. They'll be going into my stash.

Today I plan to finish the PIF gifts so that I can get them off in the post. Then I have a fabric postcard (In the Pink) to plan and the embroidery wall hanging to baste, quilt and bind before the end of September, not all today though. Also squeeze in end of month bookwork and the log cabin workshop with homework. Phew! I would like to work on a couple of challenge items too. Oh well, that's how it goes.

Quilting Wishes

Tuesday 9 September 2008

Stash Building Part 1

A few posts ago I mentioned that I was very keen to make Bonnie's mystery quilt 'Old Tobacco Road' but I had to change plans. My stash isn't really a stash, and about the same time I signed up to do a quilt-as-you-go log cabin workshop which I need to go shopping for so perhaps another time.

So now thanks to the wonderful Jane at five minutes of fame who had a giveaway, I have some rich christmas squares to create, I'm thinking, a wall hanging. Time to get out some magazines, a cuppa and get some ideas.

Also I've been browsing ebay and found these bright, cheery squares to make an I Spy quilt but I didn't stop there. I have three more packs coming my way as well. I also won a couple of lots with half metre pieces to help start building a stash and to go towards the log cabin.

So I have plenty to get on with for the moment, especially with finishing my four WIP projects by New Years Eve. I have made a little progress with two so far.

I leave you with a photo of 'King's Ransom' in my garden.

Quilting Wishes

Tuesday 2 September 2008

Another Challenge

This time Finn has started a 'New Years Eve Challenge'. The idea is to finish one or a number of projects by New Years Eve. I have a few things in my WIP list that I thought I might see if I can finish.

#1 - Queen Size Bed Quilt pictured in my previous post (top only)

#2 - Single Bed Horse Quilt (top only)

#3 - Rainbow Wall Hanging (finish quilting and bind)

#4 - Dyed Fabric Quilt (quilted and maybe binding too)

I haven't included any projects for swaps, gifts etc as those need to be finished this year anyway
Hopefully this will be a way of clearing some of my UFO's.

How comfortable can this be? I snapped this shot of Jayne sound asleep on top of my shelving, on top of a small box and next to my mum's old sewing maching that she has passed on to DD. At the moment she's curled up asleep beside me on MY comfy computer chair and I had to find another. It was either that or have her curl up on the keyboard.
My swap bag is ready for posting tomorrow so there'll be a photo as soon as it arrives at . . . . . . .
Quilting Wishes