Friday 28 March 2014

Good News Week

This was the view from our verandah on Monday with no water visible in the dam ... this pic was taken early March.

Move on a few days to Friday morning and Rain ... Beautiful Rain!

Such a relief with just over 5 inches of rain recorded here over the last couple of days. Most of our dams were at critical levels and now the worry of watering the cows has been rinsed away.  Will still have to feed them though and hope the grass grows.

Of course with that much rain, getting home from work yesterday was quite a trial.  My usual 40 minute drive turned into over 4 hours. Half way home I had to stop at a flooded creek crossing and as they say ... "if it's flooded - forget it".  I waited over an hour in the hope it would go down as quickly as it had gone up but when the depth sat at 70cm for a while and it started raining again, I turned around and made the LOOOONNNNGGGG trip home a different round about way. Not complaining.

My late arrival home meant the natives were hungry and this next photo goes to prove that food can conquer all. I have a new addition to my whiskers family except that to the disgust of my to girls, she's a canine! Jayne and Fleur were not impressed but over time I'm hopeful that they will at least tolerate each other.

Here's a better picture of baby Millie ... she's not always this peaceful and is becoming a real little character.

Onto some sewing news ... or lack of really.  Between dealing with the drought, going to work and paying attention to Miss Millie, little progress has been happening in the sewing department. I put the finishing touches on the cow and chook blocks and also have the next two blocks prepared ready for applique.

The pattern called for buttons but as the quilt is going to be for a baby, I've appliqued those too.  While blocks 2 and 3 have arrived for my 'Merry Christmas Garden' quilt, block 1 is still in pieces but then that how I seem to roll. Lots and lots of WISPs ... always plenty of projects to choose from one or another doesn't take my fancy.

Time to go knuckle down to some paper work and reward myself with some applique time tonight.

This last bundle of bright blooms are my birthday cards made and presented to me this week by the Prep, 1, 2 students in the classroom I work in ... little treasures.


Monday 10 March 2014

Ooops...Forgot A Title

Yesterday's sunset followed by 1.5 mm (6 points) of rain.

Mother Nature sure can deliver on colour.

Saturday 8 March 2014

FNWF Slow and Steady

Ok ... So my best laid plans survived!  I may not have got to sit down with Miss Hen as early as I'd hoped but I did get to thread up and get some blanket stitching done.

Thank you Cheryll for another lovely Friday evening stitching with friends.

Friday 7 March 2014

Then and Now and FNWF

Then ... only 12 months ago.

Now ...

My garden back then ...

And now ... the crepe myrtle is the bare one on the right.

So it's nice to sit down on a Friday night and stitch along knowing that many friends are at that moment enjoying the same past time.  Time to sign up over at Gone Stitchin' and enjoy a modern day get together with friends.

See you there     >^..^<