Monday 27 May 2013

1 Xmas Item and a No Sew Zone!

Very little thread has passed through my needle this month except for a patch of curtain sewing on Friday with DD.  There's also been a quilt   pieces of fabric pinned to a sheet laying over a bed which last week I managed to pin and sew a few seams of an evening. With family home on the weekend it was carefully folded and put away to give more bed space.  I've tweeked it some since last posting a pic and have take one dark block out, found 2 more main fabric strips and 2 matching solids, shuffled a few squares and made a replacement block ... much more happy with it now.

Early in May I finished off the letter 'S' which should have been for April.

Then made a start on sewing the 'C', 'H' and 'R' flags but missed that goal too. Here they are cut out ready for sewing.

I think it was waaaaayyyyyyy back in April, I finished the last stitch in the binding of the wedding quilt for DS and his new bride. Don't think I shared a final picture. Instead of wrapping I placed it on their bed the next time they visited after the wedding ... SURPRISE! (I used various horsey fabrics as they both love their horses)

I've also been getting some hexie therapy with my 1/2" hexies during lunch time at work. A few petals a day and won't be long till another flower blooms.

Time to go put the kettle on and find my jingle bell slippers as I slowly make my way around all the 1 Xmas Item workshops. Do you think Santa would lend me a couple of reindeer?

Happy Sewing be it a little or a lot     >^..^<

Friday 24 May 2013


I hope all the happy little 1 Xmas Item A Month Elves are busy putting their finishing touches to their goodies. Don't worry if you haven't ... we'll be naughty little elves together...hehehehe!

I'm afraid I've been Missing In Action from blogland and my sewing with very little progress happening with any of it but with tiny steps I am inching forward on a couple of things I will soon find a moment to share.

So please share your 1 Xmas Item and I shall pop in when I get a change and add pictures to the page.

Sunday 5 May 2013

More Progres"S"

Excuse me if I seem a little too excited over a bit of thread on fabric :)  This is the most stitching I've done in quite a few weeks.

Hope you're able to add some thread to fabric today.

Saturday 4 May 2013


It was so lovely to sit down with friends last night and stitch.  My letter 'S' has sprouted :)

Hope everyone had an enjoyable Friday Night with Friends

Friday 3 May 2013

Musical Beds and FNwF

Not quite like playing 'musical chairs' and requires some muscle :)

Hubby and I have been busy today swapping beds around from room to room. 3 beds and 3 bedrooms all changed around and remade with snuggly flannelette sheets ready for the cold. Of course when moving furniture there is always the 'surprise' found behind things and that dust to clean.

Now I'm looking forward to settling down in front of the TV later with my stitchery in hand and join with Cheryll and friends for some Friday Night fun.

Let's see just how far my letter 'S' can progress?