Sunday 25 November 2018

November No Sew - OPAM - 1XMAS

But I did knit!  And I'm feeling positive with the end of the month only next week ... not to mention ... only 1 month till Christmas.

I might not have done any sewing this month if you don't count the 3 pairs of shorts for the Mr that needed the hem taken up (He is NOT the long short type), and mending a pair of shorts for DS.  However, in the evenings my knitting needles clicked and I finished the last 3 wash cloths for little gifts and used all the wool purchased for this purpose ... winning.

Now it's back to the crochet rug in the evenings and maybe some hand embroidery.

What else has been keeping me busy this month?  Gosh, a month is a long time to cast my mind back.  A sleepover with Grandson J; facetime with Grandson P and DD; a few extra days called into work; a business economics workshop; the usual town days for groceries, parts, etc and a full round of mustering cattle. This time was somewhat different for me as I'm back in the saddle on a lovely mare that only goes as fast as I want her to (read here - walk along behind/beside the mob and sometimes trot ... I'm no speedster).

So this is my post for 1XMAS and OPAM rolled into one.  To see what everyone else has been up to in their sewing rooms this month, click on the appropriate icons on my sidebar and enjoy your visit.

Sunday 4 November 2018

Friday Night No Go

After a couple of extra busy days, no amount of match sticks could have propped my eyelids open ... so with not a stitch made, I just had to call it an early night. Saturday wasn't favourable for stitching/knitting either but I have finally made a start on my next wash cloth.

This is my last ball of microfibe wool so wash cloths will soon come to an end ... till next year. I hope your Friday night was productive.