Sunday 12 October 2014

Time Keeps Ticking On

 Warning ... photo heavy post ... the last 3 weeks have flown :)  I've noticed lots of bloggers are having the same issue with their days disappearing almost before they begin ... is there a global time thief or is life simply speeding up for everyone?

Aunty Millie has 5 new babies she helps care for.

We spent some time pruning in the garden.

DD and her fiancee came to visit and Spencer had a sleepover.

Aunty Millie making sure they share.

My lovely prize from Anthea and CTTY

A purchase from Michelle.

There has been a little stitching at night.

Some sewing last weekend...
I found these over here.

And the centre blocks are together on 'Crossroads to Jericho'

This little farm has come together and just needs a touch more stitching on the border appliques. 

There was also a visit and cuddles with our gorgeous grandson ... my parents, niece and nephew visited ... housework ... book work ... cattle work ... then there's meal times and bed time before it starts all over again.

I'm sure you all know how it goes ... this is just a quick snippet of my days.

Hope you can squeeze a little (or a lot) of sewing into your days     >^..^<