Sunday 27 February 2022

Zoom, Zoom February

While February rolls over and March is knocking on the door .... Mother Nature is being a b***h!

Where to start? I've been making some more masks as even Grandson J needs some for school.

My 2021 Blog Book arrived in the mail ... I've been having these printed since 2007/2008 but this one was the thinnest.

Murder in the Caribbean is getting close ... here is the layout and I've managed to join a couple of rows. I'm liking this one.

The crochet hook has been in action as I've run out of dish cloths.  This pattern is Waffle and a involves a new stitch for me ... 'Front Post Treble Stitch' ... simple to do after a you tube lesson.

Belvedere the Rustic Reindeer went to live with his new owner just in time for Christmas 2021 and his brother has finally come together and will live here. Grandson M was checking him over and may have had sticky fingers by the spot on it's cheek.

Chookyblue held a Zoom day yesterday to celebrate her 15th year of blogging. I had great plans of joining in for the day ... Thursday/Thursday night in town at Mum's ... come home Friday ... plans for Sunday ... so Saturday WAS going to be MY day ... until Mother Nature threw a tantrum! Hubby phoned Friday morning to say he'd had 10 inches of rain (250mm) overnight and had never seen the creeks run so high. Of course nothing compared to what is still unfolding further south but it stopped me getting home due to the bridge going under water.  I did manage to get home Saturday afternoon ... it took some very careful driving around back roads and finally through our paddocks to get to the house as the road into our place has washed away.

Finally after unpacking I closed my eyes to the rest of the house, set myself up with a headless reindeer, wool and crochet hook, and enjoyed a few hours with lovely ladies from all over.  The quilt I showed was from a local workshop in June 2012 and the pattern was the instructors called 'Ribbon Stars'. Bit of a record for me as the quilt was finished by the end of 2012! Thank you Chooky for hosting and I'm so glad I made it eventually.

Hubby is out checking fences this morning and later I'll head out and help with repairs. Time to grab a snack and a cuppa and hang out the next load of washing.

Friday 4 February 2022

Into The Sunset

Yesterday my family said farewell to an amazing man ... 

The first man I loved ... My first hero ... My Dad ... 

who has now "Gone Riding off into the Sunset" 

A loving husband for 57.5 years, father of 3; grandfather to 8 and great grandfather to 8 energetic boys.

An extract from "Family Tree"

A limb has fallen from the family tree

I hear a voice that whispers,

"Grieve not for me"

Remember the best times, 

the laughter, the songs

The good I lived while I was strong.

When someone you love becomes a memory ... your memories become treasures xx