Tuesday 31 December 2013

New Years Eve 2013

Our year began with floods and isolation (post here) and ends in drought ... still feeding the cattle and awaiting the rain to fill the dams, tanks and grow the grasses.

We celebrated the wonderful wedding of DS and DIL in April, (post here) who I will now on refer to as Mr and Mrs C.

In July I promised myself that any ball of wool entering my home would be used and not hidden away in a stash. Pleased to say that only the large variegated mauve ball is left over.

This bundle is a different matter. I think I may have used two of the variegated balls.

But I did spend a lot of time all year complaining that I had no time for craft or sewing so that could be the reason. At least once the cooler weather rolls around I'll have some wool to get knitting with straight away.

So as the hour hand ticks around towards midnight on this last day of 2013 (7.5 hours away) I would like to wish all my lovely friends and wonderful family a

 Happy New Year 

May 2014 be all you want it to be and more.

Saturday 21 December 2013

FNSI and the Dishes are Done!

Just as well Santa Clause 3 was on the TV last night. I had something to watch while finishing off this dishcloth.

Then a quick pic this morning and into the gift bag. Our family have gathered today to enjoy Christmas celebrations as we can't all be together next Wednesday. Everyone's down for the regulation nap after lunch so I thought I'd grab a moment here to catch up on some FNSI activites. 

Thank you Wendy and  Merry Christmas to all.  >^..^<

Wednesday 18 December 2013


Busy, busy, busy!

Tonight I'm linking up with Anthea for a final CTTY. Last night I knitted the last row and cast off on this blue dishcloth.

Then today at our final patchwork day for 2013 I started this next dishcloth. One for DD and one for DIL as stocking fillers. I'll knit another dishcloth of each pattern and the girls can have them soon after Christmas...I am no speed knitter.

With this in mind I am also joining up with Wendy for FNSI this Friday night. I still have to tidy up the front room for visitors coming but I'm sure they won't mind if I sit down with some knitting Friday night. 

Happy Christmas Sewing/Knitting/Creating     >^..^<

Sunday 15 December 2013

1 Xmas Item A Month All Wrapped Up

Good morning to all my fellow 1 Xmas Item Elves, blogging friends and to those who may be visiting for the first time. Well the 15th December is here or almost here depending where in this wonderful world you may blog from .... time for our last sharing of Christmas goodies if you are like me and still had a few more to finish off this month.

My first finish was to add 4 buttons each to these 4 little fabric baskets. They will be filled with yummies and sent home with mum, DD and DIL (and 1 for myself of course).

This is the second scissor keep I made and remembered to take a pic this time before wrapping.

What I forgot to take a picture of was 6 Christmas Cards I made with a bead tree on the front .... still have more of those on my 'to make' list. Speaking of trees, I have a sweet new ornament hanging on my tree thanks to lovely Fiona.

My 'Christmas' Swag is hanging in the dining room and I finally cleared off the dining room table last night and added some cheery red decor.

A big Thank You to all the Elves who created in the Christmas Workshop throughout the year. It has been lots of fun sharing all the gorgeous finishes big and small each month. I'm sure like me you have so many more ideas to try and I am looking forward to more merry-ment and magic in 2014.

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas

Saturday 14 December 2013

Oh What A Feeling!

Saturday lunch and just hung the last load of washing on the line and brought in the first few loads already dry. Also been for a drive up the paddock helping hubby put some feed out for the cows ... we keep missing out on the good rain that's going around. But the best feeling is that I don't have to try and get everything done in 2 days because starting Monday I'm on official school holidays ... woohoo!!! When someone says that I am "on holidays", I like to politely say "No, I just get to change jobs for a few weeks".

After a town day yesterday I'm also happy to report that all the Christmas shopping is complete, except for one last grocery shop to top up a few things. Now to finish wrapping and get them under the tree ready for next Saturday. Our family is getting together for Christmas Lunch as DD will be working through Christmas. Just one more secret gift to finish making and a couple more dish cloths if I can get the knitting needles clicking in time.

I hope everyone's plans are coming together and remember to take time to enjoy!

These 2 dropped in for a visit late yesterday afternoon ... pretty sure this is the first time I've seen them.

See you tomorrow for our extra '1 Xmas Item A Month' show and tell.     >^..^<

Wednesday 4 December 2013


First Friday of the month ... time to sign up for a great night in with friends.

Monday 2 December 2013

Christmas Business

First order of business is the 2 lucky 1 Xmas Item Elves who have won a small prize. My apologies for taking a week to finally visit all your busy workshops ... so much lovely eye candy to see. I do hope you are now enjoying gathering all your goodies and wrapping ready for gift giving or decorating your homes with your projects.

After adding pics to the 1 Xmas Item page and checking my list I have some great news. Six wonderful Elves made at least one item each month from January to November. Those names went into my lovely new fabric scraps tin and .... (Bells jingling) .... the lucky winner is Noela of  Quilty Bits from the Blue Room.

These 6 names then remained in the tin for a 2nd chance and everyone else's names were also added to the tin .... (more bells jingling) .... the next lucky winner is Shez of Enjoying Life.

Congratulations to Noela, Shez and all the merry Elves who made gifts or decorations throughout the year. It's been lovely to pop over for a visit and see all your amazing projects. Big or small, many or few, every one is made with love and will bring cheer to Christmas. Thank you for being part of this happy little group and I look forward to what 2014 may bring.

Second order of business? Yesterday was the 1st of December so it was time to start wondering which boxes contained which decorations and add a little festive cheer around the house. I've already noticed some lovely trees going up and tinsel being hung so here are my little Christmas corners.

 Good thing we don't need the chimney in summer.

My little forrest.

 'Tis The Season'

Merry Christmas to all.   >^..^<