Sunday 1 January 2023

Today I Sew

The saying goes that whatever you do on New Years Day ... you do all year.  

So I sewed.  

This is my Churn Dash with Chookyblue ... half joined and the strips all completed on the other half ready for assembly.  All fabrics from my stash and scraps.

Hubby and I had some cattle work to do first thing this morning.  Already the day was warming up and what better way to cool down when you're a working dog?  Jump in the trough.

Ended the last year with some cattle work too.  These 2 boys came to check out what we were up to.

Planning on getting my Churn Dash top completed tomorrow ... fingers crossed.

I have no idea why blogger isn't centering my pictures!

2023 ... What Will You Bring?

May your bobbin's be full and your needles always be threaded.