Friday 17 November 2017


Somehow, November has turned into a month of 'decluttering'.  Not just my home but my mind and soul.

The month started as any other month ... lots to do ... not enough time ... blah blah blah. I had borrowed a book from our local library about stress-busting and actually took some time to start reading. (and actually finished it) My daughter introduced me to an online forum which is basically bringing yourself back to you. Then together we took on a challenge to declutter X amount of 'things' each day for the month of November. Of course what does one do when you have a lot on?  Take on something else ... another online 4-week program regarding finances.

Usually by this time of year the stress level has maxed and I'm hanging out for the end of the school term and all it's crazy end of year to-do's. Not much time then to prepare for Christmas, make plans, clean the house etc. This year ... at this present time ... feeling unusually cool, calm and collected. Big decisions made ... ready to tackle those last minute whatevers. 

For now, November goals for crafty stuff have been set aside and I can accept not meeting those deadlines. Maybe they'll get done by the end of the month and maybe they won't and that's OK.

Catching a breather.