Sunday 31 March 2019

March Mania and OPAM

OK, so who stole March?  Not much to share on the sewing front, I've just been stitching away at a couple of monthly goals ...

I'm behind of course but March blocks #1 and #2 are close.

A lovely day of sewing with beautiful ladies and we also enjoyed a delicious lunch at our local 'Federal Inn' for my birthday. Then there was the 'take your own birthday cake' at work so I baked a carrot cake and because I've been following a healthy eating plan since Feb 1, I didn't even have a piece ... go me!  Of course there were other occasions to indulge in a treat or 2 so I didn't really miss out.

Drought persists so there is the regular checking cattle, putting feed out and checking waters. Fortunate to have received a few good downpours with recent storms to replenish drinking waters and put a green tinge around for now so some relief ... hope it continues.

OPAM time and I have 4 small makes to share ... 2 are still waiting for some green or gold thread to hang but another goal met.

Kris and Peg have been the most beautiful hosts for several years of OPAM. Last year I was super lucky to be the recipient of the final draw for 2018 and couldn't believe my eyes when I unwrapped this gorgeous quilt from Peg ... oh what a feeling of joy!

Heartfelt thank yous to both lovely ladies. Wishing Peg all the best as 2019 brings new memories and another thanks to Kris for continuing OPAM into 2019 ... and for the push I need to keep on sewing on when my sanity needs calming.