Saturday 18 July 2015


That's right ... sunny Queensland and snow don't usually belong in the same sentence but ... this wind is definitely coming straight off the snow that has fell in spots of southern Queensland. What else is one to do but stay indoors by the fire and snow sew ... especially as it was time for

While dinner was in the oven I cut, pressed and pinned the small peeper border for NJ.  Once the border was complete it was onto preparing for another project

Looking forward to some embroidery after all that needleturn. 'My Stitching Things' by Michelle Ridgway was in the last Country Threads Mag I borrowed from the town library ... now to choose some colours and sit by the fire.

Here's a sweet pic of GS keeping warm while out for a stroll last weekend.

Stitch and be happy     >^..^<

Sunday 5 July 2015

FNWF How Does Your Garden Grow?

Thanks Cheryll for having us all over last Friday night ... was a bit chilly so my fingers needed warming around a nice warm cuppa before I could get started.

My NJ garden is waiting for an early spring for some colour. The left and right smaller branches/leaves are stitched and the centre branches/leaves are in place ready for needle and thread.

Then I couldn't help myself and started playing with all the pieces cut ready and waiting to "Spring" into action. There's a lot of work for July but I'm excited with how it's starting to look. A few more fabric pieces to choose yet.

While it's school holiday time, hubby and I have been spending time in the outdoor garden. Time for my tired rose bed to have a spruce up with some new roses to go in and fill the gaps. New edge ... new dirt ... and a good prune.

The drought had taken it's toll on the gardens and this next one had several trees that didn't make it. Then the grass and weeds took over so a big clean-up was called for.

More pruning over the next week on another garden bed but mainly just tidy up stuff. My NJ centre block will also start to bloom over the next few weeks.

Happy Gardening     >^..^<