Saturday 26 April 2014

Bunny Droppings?

Just remembered I also finished a second dust cloth which will go into my gift stash.

Look what the bunny dropped ... needless to say there are none left!

Have you been over to check out all the lovely creations busy Christmas Elves have been making? Click on the 1 Xmas Item A Month button on my side bar to visit our workshop.

Block Finish and a Surprise!

Our local show was last Saturday so I decided to enter the pin cushion and Easter basket along with the Christmas Swag that I finished  for last Christmas. Not only did I win a 2nd place in the pin cushion class ... but to my surprise when I checked through the pavilion ...

there was my Christmas Swag with a 1st place and Champion ribbon ... talk about gob smacked! Bit of a brag photo I know but such a pleasant surprise. I did take my camera on the day but as I work in the office, there just wasn't the time for other photos but we do have a wonderful display of flowers, plants, cookery, produce, art and handcraft and a great little show!

Back to work this week but I stitched a little each night and Thursday was able to put my 1st block of  'A Merry Christmas Garden' together.

Fairly comfortable with the needle turn method now but the next block will have to wait a little.  I have my next block for LMF half stitched, 2 more blocks sitting in their packets and the next 2 blocks ready to pick up so I have some blanket stitching to get cracking on. Our first grandchild  is due early July so I would like to have the quilt finished not too long after. I don't get the last of the blocks till end of July. Then there will be the sewing together and quilting.

Wishing all a creative weekend.     >^..^<

Friday 18 April 2014

No Schedules - Part 2

It's a good thing I'm learning to go with the flow because at times it feels like I'm in the middle of the rapids. At the beginning of the week I was expecting 7 for dinner tonight so I ordered an appropriate amount of seafood. Over the past 24 hours that number dwindled back to just the 2 of us ... we may have over indulged just a little but I managed to freeze some for another meal or two. While I was in town yesterday doing the weekly grocery shop, the truck that delivers bread to the store had broken down and of course the shelves were empty and no estimated time of delivery so I can only hope my stock of frozen bread lasts.

Luckily I had a couple of days to myself this week and managed to get 3 projects finished. No dust bunnies here but perhaps another sort of bunny?

Dust Cloth #2

Easter Basket
(Mug bag later on)

I also had to whip up this pincushion I found on FB ... free pattern here

This morning hubby asked if I could give him a hand with the cows and when would I be ready. I'm glad I said not until the breakfast dishes were done as we didn't get back home till after 1pm. After lunch, dishes, floors and washing etc, it was time to get dinner started.  In the middle of all that, I turned the computer on to be told my user whatsit failed and NOTHING! Oh No! Panic! Hang on ... safe start up ... do a system restore ... PHEW!!!

So now I'm switching off, making a cuppa and settling down to enjoy some stitching with Wendy and all the lovely FNSI-ers.  Jeans to hem first and then I might just get the needle turn applique finished on my first block of A Merry Christmas Garden.

Happy Easter     >^..^<

Wednesday 16 April 2014

No Schedules

Just going with the flow at the moment and if I find a little sewing time that's a bonus. I do hope to switch the sewing machine on today and make something but no promises ... if it happens, it happens and I'm ok if it doesn't.

What I have accomplished is the 3rd block for LMF

Finished the dust cloth and posted it over to DD

Getting the hang of needle turn applique thanks to soluble freezer paper and glue ... the centre block with the most work is progressing with all the 'bits' pinned in place now.

The days are so much nicer now with green grass all around and it's starting to get some length in it giving the cows something to enjoy too. Our local show is on this Saturday ... time to catch up with family and friends.

Time for a couple more household chores and then look out sewing machine ... here I come!

Happy sewing with the flow     >^..^<

Saturday 5 April 2014

FNWF and Whiskers Update

It was so lovely to sit with friends last night and enjoy some down time. Knit, knit, knit ...

Another dust cloth in the making and now I have a new quality controller. Thanks Cheryll and friends for a relaxing evening.

This morning the sun is shining, birds are singing and the grass is slowing greening up ... time for your picture Miss Millie.

Jayne seems to have accepted our new family member and is ok with her as long as she sticks to her own meal. Fleur prefers the 'I'm out of here' attitude just yet.

Have a great weekend     >^..^<

Friday 4 April 2014

FNWF and a Giggle

Just scraping in with my sign up with Cheryll and friends for FNWF.  I bought a new ball of 'Giggle' wool today because DD has asked for another dust cloth. One to keep in her new car ... so I'll be knitting tonight.

Tuesday 1 April 2014

Whiskers and Weather

How quickly have the whiskers in my family come to a truce ... especially at meal time.

On the weather front, we measured a total of 196 mm or almost 8 inches of rain for March with nearly all of it falling in the last week. Such a relief not having to worry where our cows can get their next drink from. Now for some grass to grow.

One day I will have some sewing to share. Sorry I haven't left many comments on blogs lately but I do try to whiz about blog land when I get a moment and check out all the gorgeous makes and busy happy bloggers. Last week of school and then holiday time. Or as I like to think of it ... one less job to spread one's self between.