Sunday 25 January 2015

This and That for 2015

First is my recap for finishes in 2014.  Dealing with drought had a big impact on my sewing mojo but I did manage a few small finishes.  There are still a couple of quilts waiting to be quilted so all in good time I guess.

My first finish for 2015 is also my first mini quilt ... with another mini almost finished.

A finish for January also puts me on track for OPAM 2015 hosted by the lovely Kris and Peg ... and also a count for 1 Xmas Item A Month and CTTY over at Anthea's

This week was back to work in town and wouldn't you know it!  I will never complain but with the recent rain event for Queensland I was faced with this 3 afternoons on the way home. I've begun taking an overnight bag and pillow to work with me just in case. I should have some stitching in the car with me to work on while a wait for them to go down.

Preparation for 'Natures Journey' and 'A Merry Christmas Garden' took precedence over housework yesterday. These are going to be my 2 main projects for 2015 as well as finishing off a couple of quilts and ... did I mention DD has set a wedding date so best make that 3 main projects!

Happy Australia Day for tomorrow.

Tuesday 20 January 2015

Sewing In A Storm

This has been much of today. 27 mm of rain with lots of bad lightning, thunder and small hail.

After the heatwave of the past few days I can't believe I said I might have to put a coat on. So with 'back to work' tomorrow it's time for some last minute (first for the year) sewing.

This year I've joined Chooky's SAL and my pattern for 'Natures Journey' arrived last Friday. Our target for January was a little Christmas stitchery which I finished stitching Thursday ...

This sweet angel now has borders ... been sandwiched ... and binding machined on ready to hand stitch down.  Also another Christmas block I received at our local patchwork group's breakup last year. We've challenged each other to finish the 12 1/2" blocks into a project by July so I'm well ahead for once.

We are so thankful to have received good rain through December. Now that the grass has grown some, the cattle are finally back in their paddocks happily grazing ... follow up rain is still needed but for now the pressure is off.  It's so lovely to see some blooms back in the garden too.

Time to get 2015 rolling.